The "before" home tour!

I think all of us still miss the old house and maybe always will. I still miss my childhood home. People move a lot, and only a few of the houses will hold a special place in our hearts. I’m hoping that our new home will do just that for many years. Here are the very first pictures of our new place. Unfortunately, I didn't know they take listing photos down the minute the house sells, we have a combination of my phone photos the day we moved in and google image results. So, not the best quality!

We wanted a place that allowed separate areas for each of us. A few options for times when we need a little quiet. Though we loved our old house, you could sit anywhere in the house and see every other room except one.

Our new home is a Cape Cod. When we walk in, we see the living room. It will eventually be painted Revere Pewter or Ozark Shadows. One drawback is that there is no dining room, so like the last owners, we will just put the table against the wall on the right and it’ll be fine. For holidays, we will turn the table.

Straight ahead is the kitchen, which is my favorite part. I want to just close myself up in those cabinets I love them so much. I should have plenty of cabinet space and finally a fridge that isn’t as old as me. And I never would have painted a kitchen purple, but I think it works! We are adding a buffet to the blank wall (on the left out of the frame) for some storage and a space to keep my calendar, bills, coupons, etc.

Off the kitchen is the backyard. The hostas make my heart burst because they were my grandma’s favorites and she planted them at my childhood home for us. The tall privacy fence is HUGE to us. Our dogs are terrible neighbors, so we are so thankful to have this already done for us. And the star of the show for Larkyn…a playset!  They did not have to leave this for us, and they did. Behind the fence is another yard and then (supposedly) the best Italian restaurant in Columbus. I may never cook again.

Back in and through the kitchen are the garage and basement. We are hoping to somewhat finish it, but if you’ve ever sold/bought a house, you know that in the end, you are never left with what you once thought you would have. Anyway, it will be Matt’s TV room and a playroom for the kids.

Back through the kitchen and down the hall are the bedrooms and bathroom. The bathroom needs nothing done (we hope) and I’m in love with the hex tile.

This one will be Larkyn’s room and I think we will be keeping the paint color. I had already bought her new bedding because I wanted something that would transition easily from her nursery bedding. And crazy enough, this room is painted to match!

This is Rhys' room.  It has already transformed from bright blue to soft gray. 

And finally, I did mention this is a Cape. We have always had one story, but now we go up the stairs and here is our master bedroom! I am so excited to have a little privacy and tons more space than our old room. Behind one wall is lots of storage space. If possible, we would love to add a bathroom and another closet up here.

So that’s it. I am eager to transform it into our place and experience a new city. Larkyn’s elementary school has an amazing reputation and it looks like the neighborhood is turning over to young couples like us. Come visit us soon!

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Schneider 4.0 said...

Can't wait to come over!!!!!!!!! What a great play set for your kiddos! Score!

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