5 months of Rhys

I am a few weeks late, but Back to School is my excuse for everything. It is the catch-all reason why my world is upside down for about a month each year. Lots of adjustments, but we are getting used to them and celebrating another month with this handsome boy. As I think back a few weeks ago...

How big?  At our last ENT appointment, he was 16.5 pounds and 24.5 inches. He's kind of a shape shifter, where some days I see him as tall and lanky like daddy, and some days he seems like a little Buddah.

Sleep?  Oh my...if you had any personal contact with me in the last 6 weeks, you know that this was a struggle. Every day I questioned, "Is he cold?" "Does he want the swaddle or NOT!?" "Does he need the pacifier?" "Is he hungry?" "Is his reflux bothering him?" "WILL I EVER SLEEP AGAIN?"  At its worst, his sleep pattern at 21 weeks was waking up every hour. Every freaking hour I was up with him. Finally, I tried giving his mattress an incline, drawing his shades allllll the way down to block out any sort of light, and swaddling under his arms. Something in there may have worked.

New routines:  Rhys is going to Miss C's house 3 days a week and stays with Matt and Nana the other days. So far, so good. When he gets home from Miss C's, he is worn out.

Eating: Still 5 6oz. bottles per day plus cereal. Larkyn turned her nose up to rice cereal, but my friend Mara gave us some Earth's Best oat cereal with banana. He eats a bowl and wants more!

Skills: He's a master at rolling back to belly. In the morning when I go in his room, he is all the way at the bottom!

Faves: Exersaucer, trucks in his mouth, really warm bottles, The Infantino mei tei carrier, relaxing baths, smiling. He is so distracting when I talk to people, but I love it. They'll be talking to me and then look down at him and all focus is lost because he will give them a huge grin.

Everything is getting too short for him! I'm sad to put away his little 6 month nautical tees already, but they're looking like cut-offs. Since it is MUCH hotter here than it was all summer, I'm trying to snatch up 6-12 month summer clothes on clearance. I thought I'd be buying long sleeve in 6-12...good thing I didn't buy ahead with him!

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Keith and Julie said...

Such a cute little shape changer!!

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