A soothing fox nursery for Rhys

As soon as I knew I was having a boy, my brain started to race through ideas for his nursery. Everyone has their own tastes and there is a room that is perfect for every baby. I knew I wanted muted colors, gray being the dominant, and some sort of animal. We moved into our house one month ago, and I am finally ready to show you a room for Rhys...

It took only a few hours to do this and it was so easy!  Have a buddy (mine was Ann!) help you paint the room. I used Benjamin Moore Ozark Shadows, color matched by Behr Ultra Premium (paint plus primer).

1. After the paint has dried (we only waited an hour, everyone told us wait 24!), run Frog Tape (green, not blue) from the ceiling to the floor, making sure to get a complete seal. The width between your tape will dictate the size of the trees. It does not need to be perfect, and vary the size.

2. Use a 3" roller to paint between the tape, it is OK if you get it on the tape. I rolled it twice.

3. Before the white paint dries, remove the tape.

4. Get a set of artist brushes (mine were at Home Depot with the rest of the brushes. I ended up using the smallest of the set (a lot smaller than I thought I needed!) Paint branches and leaves
sticking out of the trees.

5. Use that same tiny brush with your base color (gray) paint to make bark notches on the tree. Make sure the paint lines don't stick up too high on the surface and are flush with the wall.

That's it!

 The side table is from Target, as well as the striped bin. My mom used the fabrics I collected to make a banner. I just love it.

 And just before I was about to commission a custom quilt to be made with my favorite fabric in the world, Ann gave me this quilt from an Etsy shop. I'm not sure of the shop, but just search for Birch Organics Fabric Woodland Party.

 Both prints are from RusticBabyBoutique etsy shop.

 Once my mother in law discovered Jelly Cat animals, both kids were set. This guy has been ready for Rhys' nursery for months!

 A torn-paper fox made by our friend Mara, and the only football I would allow in the room.

 I asked SweetMelodyDesign etsy shop to make a custom piece for us, including her sweet fox character and Rhys' birth stats. I love unique pieces, and this is one of a kind!

 My parents have had this rocker forever, and all it took was a coat of bright white from my dad and a burnt orange cushion from Pier One to make it part of the nursery. Metal R is from Hobby Lobby and both prints from SweetMelodyDesign etsy shop.

 More Jelly Cat woodland friends and Rhys' daily calendar (I use those instead of baby books!)

 Never knew how much I'd love this color combo!

 I spent WEEKS trying to find the perfect bedding. I couldn't find what I had visualized (story of my life) and creating a custom set was over $400 using the fabrics I liked. Finally, I decided to focus more on the accents and the birch tree wall and simplify the bedding. I got the Alison Glass Sun Print Feathers in teal fabric and my mom sewed a fitted sheet only. Paired with the Woodland Party quilt, I think it is just fine. 

 One of my favorite parts of the nursery; a hand/footprint keepsake kit my mom gave me. It didn't actually put ink on his skin and was so easy to put together. 

I use the striped bin for bibs and burp cloths and the basket for books. 

I couldn't help but add this little detail to the tree closest to the window

So, there it is!  The room that stayed up in my imagination for almost a year. Finally ours, finally with our sweet baby boy sleeping in it. 

If you have questions on any sources, there are more details on the January blogpost that I linked to at the top of this post. Or just ask.


Nana said...

I have just been waiting for this blog! So well done. His room is adorable and your pics serve it well! It is right up there with "Do you want to see my pink room? Come on!" Love, love...

Kristin said...

This is so stinkin' cute!!! You did an awesome job! :)

Ann said...

Love, love, love seeing it in pictures! And it's even more adorable in real life! You did a fabulous job. And Rhys is the perfect final touch.

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