House Tour: Master Bedroom Part 1

It is kind of funny that this is the first room I am showing you, because it is nowhere close to being finished and I conveniently left out the mess that still exists up there. But, we are close enough and I wanted to show you what I've done so far.

The only carpet in the house is in our upper level, starting with the steps. I decided to break my gallery wall into pieces in this house. This is obviously the Hall of Larkyn.

At the top of the steps, I added some white curtains and some flowers in my favorite CB2 wall vases. And no, that's not laundry on the steps.

It's Sebastian, who is forbidden to be on our bed in this house. Here is another angle so you can understand the layout. The white wooden wall is all shelving around the stairs. We need to cover Matt's closet with a curtain too, but we don't want it to get in the way. Still thinking on that one.

Love that shelving. Since only one of us was the English major, we have a few different uses for them. Everything that was once in my writing desk (which is now at my mom and dad's house) is now boxed up and on the shelves. This week, those boxes are 5 for $10!

Beyond the shelves is our bed, which used to be bedded in navy and gray. This time around, I felt like going brighter.

The bedding is Trina Turk Coral Trellis, nightstands from Target, and the art is a Michaels canvas with shades of peach, coral, and gold craft paint. We need lamps, I know. Mercury glass? To the right of the bed is the shelving and a walkway where there is just enough room for Matt's million shoes.

To the left of the bed is my closet (again, an easy access door idea?) and another window. Our first purchase was a window AC (glam!) because the upper level of Cape Cods are technically attic space, so they get HOT). If you are looking for one, this unit is amazing and not terribly expensive.


I've only shown you one half of the room. The other side, across from the bed, has yet to be completed! It has built in shelves, our dressers and TV, and attic access. Once that looks a little nicer, I'll add it. 

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