God lives in apple orchards

It is probably clear through my archives that my posts perk up around the fall and taper off after Christmas. I keep seeing the Fitzgerald quote "Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall". Truth. I feel like these sunny days of September were written for us to get together with family and friends and do stuff.

It killed me last weekend to miss 2 days of fall fun. But strep, ear, and sinus infections will do that to you. Here is our kickoff to fall, spent at Lynd's fruit farm. It was "Pumpkinpalooza", but we did not partake in that craziness--just the peaceful orchards and the market of temptations...

Baby's first Lynd's (Golden Delicious Puree). It is safe to say we may have gone overboard at the market (not pictured: Amish pumpkin roll and 3 kinds or hand-pies) but I couldn't resist letting Larkyn fill up the basket with little pumpkins. So glad my mom and dad joined us and that Rhys is just old enough to enjoy our harvest. Happy Fall!

The details...

Do not even attempt to go to Lynd's during the Honeycrisp weekend. I repeat, do not even try it. Everyone in Columbus has the same idea and you will regret it, big time. Even on the Red Delicious and Gala weekend, traffic is very heavy and you need to be prepared with patience. It is totally worth it.

Accessing the farm from 161 is much easier than from Morse road by about 1346 stop lights.

You will follow the signs to the orchards, where you will be guided in, get bags, and then find parking right beside the trees in the grass. You pay by the bag, not by the pound, so load them up!

The trees are marked with colors so that you know which variety is which. Being the apple fanatic that I am, I always do a little research to see how I can use each kind. After you pick, you'll put the apples in your car and drive to the exit, where the staff will check your bags and you can pay. They do have a card swiper for credit cards.

Make sure to go to the Market after your picking!  This is where you can, indeed, get your Honeycrisp fix. You can also get your pie, syrup, BBQ truck, Indian corn, pumpkin, and snack fix too.

It's about time...

I'll admit, we have been in a grumpy slump over here for about a month. I had a few posts (now deleted) that were simply written just to give me a little therapy. No one wants to read about that. But things have turned around. Here is what's making me smile these days...

I finally bought the baskets I have been lusting over (Threshold at Target). I stacked a mobile coupon, RedCard discount and Pharmacy rewards to bring them down a bit. Not sure what to put on the labels? And yes, the cords will go behind the wall. Eventually.

Lavender!  Sorry, but I've been kind of rolling my eyes at essential oils for the past year. After using it on all of our feet this week, I am a believer. We usually hear Larkyn talking and reading in her room for a while after I put her to bed, and now she is zonked out almost immediately. The chapstick is my new fave. Thanks, Jill!

Also to note, someone has some teeth around here. That may have contributed to his better sleeping this week. I'll take it. He's actually enjoying some Clove on his gums right now...

Starbucks "Discoveries" iced vanilla latte. Larkyn pointed to it at Target a few weeks ago and I have her to thank for my new habit. We don't live near a Starbucks with a drive through anymore, so this is my (cheaper) treat before school.

from starbucks.com

I have watched this video more than I'd care to admit.

Fall clothes!  There is so much more interest when you can add layers, colored pants, and big accessories like scarves and statement necklaces. These are a few of my fall inspirations...

Speaking of clothes...can you handle it?

shoes: sperry, bodysuit OshKosh, hoodie Circo, jeans Childrens Place
A full-of-fun calendar. 'Tis the season for festivals, farms, and Homecoming. That's Larkyn's preschool calendar on top of mine. Her "assignment" each day is to wear the color of the day. I want to go to preschool.

Nana slumber parties. We had a tough few weekends with our new preschooler. By Sunday evenings, everyone was drained. Nana to the rescue one Saturday a month, giving Larkyn a new setting and us a little bit of time to do household jobs, run errands, and watch TV that doesn't involve a Disney character.

I am happy that I had a few minutes to record our lives from the last month in the books!
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