7 months of Rhys

So many developments this time around!

Sleep: First up, we haven't slept through a night in I don't remember how long. He wasn't up and crying, it was just a few times a night of "Hello...I lost my binky...can you please put it back in?" and then he would go back to sleep. But all those interruptions at night left me WIPED OUT.  Anyway, by accident, I started having him take a third nap around 5:00 or flat out go to bed by 6:30. One thing I have learned...kid sleep is always evolving. Yippee!

Skills:  Our little guy can pull himself up to a seated position, which is his preferred position, so that is helpful.

Loves:  Still loves baths and hangs one arm out of the tub like he's some big shot in a hot tub. He also is fascinated by everything big sis does. Everything. He is taking notes.

Eating: So inconsistent! One day he wants nothing to do with his purees, and the next day, he will want two in a row. One thing that is consistent is that he is constantly reaching for our food. His favorite food?  Green beans and corn puree.

Disposition: He continues to have ear to ear smiles and is getting a little bashful with strangers. He smiles and buries his head in my shoulder when people come up to coo over him. I don't mind at all.

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