Keepin' it real: I'm never prepared

You know those friends you have, who always have a Kleenex in their purse, or a mint when you've regretfully eaten something with onions?

That's not me. And this morning's zoo trip reminded me of this.

At least not since having kids. When I was preparing my diaper bag before Larkyn was born, I made sure that there were travel sized shout wipes, bandaids, single use desitins, a changing pad, a pacifier pod, you know...just the basics. But as soon as she was born, I quickly transformed into the most unprepared person I know.

I know, I should cut myself some slack. But I drive myself crazy with this almost every day. I will never EVER forget a date on the calendar and (pretty much) know where everything is in my house, but I swear I will probably leave the house without pants one day.

When you add a second child, it all truly goes out the window. The first week back to school at the sitter's, I forgot the diapers one day, the pacifier another day, and a change of clothes pretty much every day. I often leave my purse on her counter as I cheerfully walk out the door to work.

I am juggling a lot with a job, two kids, and a household...I suppose some part of my brain had to give?

See the hat Rhys is wearing? Not ours. We haven't BOUGHT a winter hat yet because I wasn't prepared for winter on October 13th.

The wagon Larkyn is in? Not ours. Because I forgot the infant carrier at home, so Rhys got the stroller. Last time, she had to walk because I DID remember the infant carrier but forgot to remove the carseat from the stroller until we were in the zoo and the car was 4 miles away to put it back.

The only reason I am actually IN my house after the zoo trip is because Matt just happened to leave an extra set of keys in a place where I could access them by chance...otherwise we had totally locked ourselves out. We meaning me.

Let's pause to feed the giraffes, which was awesome.

Am I alone here? How do I remember it's "bring an apple to school day" for Larkyn and then have to use wet restroom paper towels as wipes because those didn't make it in the bag? My dream invention is a vending machine with baby stuff in it. And that also dispenses vanilla lattes and vodka and cranberries. Just kidding?

So, if we have a date planned in the future, I apologize ahead of time. One of my kids may be riding double with your kid...or we may have to swing by to buy a $27 container of formula to make one bottle because the formula is on the counter.

Hey...if they're happy, that's all that matters at the end of the day, right?

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Desiree said...

See I'm just the opposite: I will pack the entire house to go to the gas station because I CANNOT handle it if I forget something. I seriously have full out anxiety. However, I can't remember it all in one go, so I'm ALWAYS late because I have to make fifty trips from the house to the car. I can't tell you how many times I've turned around and gone home to get the baby carrier that was right by the front door, because I had too much shit in my hands in the first place.

And then, wherever we go somewhere I'm the one looking like a pack mule, and naturally if I bring a full pantry of snacks Sofia will want the *one* thing I didn't bring and throw an epic tantrum because I don't have it, so I have to end up buying stuff anyway.

You can't win... ;-)

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