Pumpkin Pickin'

Last weekend, we took a moms-only trip (because the dads were clearly more enthused with the Browns game than a pumpkin patch) to our favorite hideaway, Hidden Creek Farm.  This year, we traded the men for one cute baby.

Larkyn loved a few new things this year: the pony ride and the wagon ride. I was afraid she would freak out on the hay ride and we would be stuck in the middle of a field with a wailing toddler. But, she loved the trek out to the patch. Also, the pony ride? She was scarily comfortable getting right up there. Reminding me of when I came home from camp saying I wanted a horse. And I got one.

Actually picking a pumpkin, though?  She could care less. After we got off the hay ride and the tractor left to go get the next group, Mo and I realized we would never be able to carry 2 pumpkins and 3 kids. So....she didn't get one and I took the one already sitting on the bench near the tractor stop. Yeah, that one looks good.

The kids just loved the idea of running freely through a field.

Photos were a little sparse this year, as a little someone was hanging out in my camera spot. I didn't mind, though.

This week, we will actually carve a pumpkin with Larkyn for the first time, which should be interesting.  We love this farm and will continue going back for as long as the kids will allow!

The details:

Hidden Creek is a quick drive up 71, easily accessed from the 36/37 exit. Like everywhere else we go, we go as soon as they open (10 am) to get the best weather and avoid crowds. It also helps to go during the opening weekends rather than late October, but even then, I never find it "crowded". Parking is free and is in the grass on their farm.

You can access the farmers market (baked goods, produce, pumpkins) for free. Getting into the attractions requires a wristband, which is $6 for ages 2 and up. Pony rides are $3 and then of course you pay for your pumpkin by the pound.

The hay wagon is very bumpy but fun!  It runs about 30 mins, so bring snacks for the ride out, the time you'll be in the field, and for the way back. Trust me.

We also love the BBQ truck they have out there every year. They have hot dogs, pulled pork and pulled chicken sandwiches, and sides.

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