Rhys is 6 months old!

I can't believe we are at the halfway-to-a-year mark! I am getting so behind on this project. I have no idea how I did a weekly post and picture for Larkyn.

At 6 months Rhys is...

Loving to eat! He scarfs down oatmeal cereal and Gerber Organic pouches, and I have yet to find one that he doesn't like. At the apple orchard, he chewed on an apple for a while.

Sleeping inconsistently. He naps well at home but then won't sleep a blink at the sitter's. He will sleep 13 hours one night, then up 3 times the next?

Such a smiley boy:)

Saying "mamamamama"...which I'm 100% sure is my name. Just kidding-it is just his first sound.

On the move. Not exactly crawling, but he pulls himself where needs to go. Usually toward his sister's prized toys.

We are almost to 7 months by the time I have posted this. He is 17 pounds, 27 inches, average in all measurements. We just love him!

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