10 on 10

Are you proud of me for remembering, Julie?  I almost did it on November 9th, which was a much more interesting day than the 10th. But the point is to record a normal day, so...here we go!

I start my day with this little guy and his bottle. I set my alarm for 6:45, but he always wakes up right around then too. I never miss my GMA, even if it is interrupted 500 times.

Next it is my turn for a drink!  In an effort to save a bit of cash, I am trying to make most of my coffee drinks at home. Nothing beats McDonald's iced coffee, but this will do for a few days of the week

Next up is this little cereal monster. She is side-eyeing Henry Hugglemonster on Disney Jr. and she is NOT as happy as Rhys is to be awake. They get to stay home with daddy on Mondays, so our morning is infinitely more relaxed.

After getting everyone dressed and heading to work, it's time to get some activities ready for the week!  In addition to math work and writing each day, we will be talking about Veterans Day and American symbols this week.

I hated my lunch today. I was supposed to have lasagna I made last night, but then the cat was caught eating out of the pan after dinner....oh what a glam life.

After a quick run to Kroger for dinner ingredients, I was greeted by some hilarious pictures of our family. Maybe these will be our Christmas cards. Matt added the hat and ears, but the rest is all her!

Helping me make "little teeny tiny pizzas" that were fun but neither of us liked, really. So Matt ate almost all of them. Oh well. And she was wearing an adorable dress today, but I had her change into a nightgown with this proximity to pizza sauce!

I happened to catch a glimpse of our maple outside of the kitchen window. The picture doesn't capture just how bright it was tonight in the sunset. It was so pretty!

We ended the night with dessert, a shared bowl of Lucky Charms. Hope you had a good one!


Keith and Julie said...

Yay! Way to go. I was so happy to see little Rhys' face with 10-on-10 as the post title... but then immediately disappointed in myself that the 10th got away from me. Oh, and I forgot you had a cat.

Ashley @ Words About Waverly said...

They are the cutest!!!!

nana said...

Cute Selfie...or is that photo bombing? I tried your drink today while watching the kids today and I highly recommend it! Those ingredients will be on my Kroger list next time!!

Courtney B said...

And I was just thinking that those tiny pizzas looked like the best idea! Too bad they weren't that good :(
But cereal... mmmmm! I stopped buying cereal and I forgot how good it is! Now I'm totally craving a bowl, ha ha!

Schneider 4.0 said...

Is this post like the 30 on 30 on ESPN? :)
I love that vanilla creamer--it's all I use Your kids are adorbs.

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