8 months old!

Just like that, my baby is 3/4 of a year old. It doesn't seem like that is possible. He is still just as snuggly, smiley, and wide-eyed. He still makes people stop mid-conversation to talk to him instead of me (which is OK I guess:)

New skills?
Rhys is on the move and loves pulling himself into the kitchen. It is time to keep the floor a lot cleaner and baby-proof everything! He sits up pretty well and loves feeding himself with his hands (he tries the spoon himself, but usually gags)

Hungry man...
He reaches out to grab everything we eat, and sometimes he just finds something he loves. Recently, it has been a cob of corn, a toasted bagel, and yogurt. We tried eggs, but he just spits them out. I am trying to make sure he has a REALLY full belly so that he will sleep better.

What's up with the sleep?
Seriously, every time I write this monthly update, his sleep changes. I feel very lucky that he goes to bed very easily and doesn't keep us up crying. But, he still wakes up about 3 times per night, so this mama isn't getting uninterrupted sleep. Again. It's OK...I absolutely love this stage of childhood so I somehow see past it.

I am looking forward to the holidays with him and seeing his interests come to life. So far, he seems into Peppa Pig when she is on TV, the wheels of Larkyn's doll stroller, and just picking up and sorting through items he finds in the toy basket. PS- 31 has always been my favorite number, but that picture brings new meaning to it. I just love him to pieces.

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