Christmas, party of 4

I absolutely love Christmas shopping. Ever since the says of going through the Lazarus Secret Santa Shop where kids could walk through with an employee to pick our parent presents from an assortment of delightfully tacky paperweights and mugs.

I probably won't get to actually shop on Black Friday, but I'd at least like to be ready with ideas for online shopping. Now that Larkyn has opinions about everything, I thought I'd get a feel for what she'd like from Santa this year...
"What kind of toys do you want Santa to bring you on Christmas?"
"red ones"
"No, like what are the names of the toys you like? What do you like at preschool?"
"The table with snacks on it"

So...I think it is up to Santa to decide what she is getting again this year. There are a few things she needs:

Brown Mary Janes and/or Black Mary Janes (we have had these twice and they are the BEST!)

More jegging/leggings, generally anything that fits perfectly with ZERO stiffness (jeans), loose fabric (sweatpants or yoga pants). Yes, this is a major issue.

a few more colors of solid color hairbows 

Something "big" to entertain her over the winter months:
-a doll house (which, I have come to the conclusion that I am so indecisive about this topic that I am going to go have to see them in person)

And a few of her faves we just have to throw in:
-a stocking full of fruit snacks and MMs
-more pretend food, probably from Cracker Barrel, who has the cutest selection!
-Play Doh and a simple tool set (NOT the asinine contraptions that break after 3.4 seconds)

Sweet little Rhys has lived without many toys and been fine with it. We honestly have every "must have" baby toy already from Larkyn's baby days. I really hate buying noisy hunks of plastic, so avoiding that will be a challenge.  But he does have a few needs...

More Carter's fleece PJs and long sleeve bodysuits. There are never enough of those.

More socks (where do they go!?)
"boy" books or just non-girly books

As for something he'd have fun with, it is hard to tell with an 8 month old:
-He likes the wheels on Larkyn's stroller, so possibly things with wheels
-He is not really interested in things that are battery-powered with lights and music
-He likes to go through toy baskets and just touch, chew, and explore all the random things in there. Maybe some sensory bins?

In his first stocking, he'd love:
-graham crackers
-Lil' bits cereal
-fruit and veggie pouches

Obviously, I can't write about gift ideas for Matt on here. I know he'd be happy if I just put cash in his stocking and there were no surprises, but that's not happening!

And me?  Oh I could easily name a million things every year. With the new house, there are so many things I actually do need!

winter hat...there are so many cute ones from The North Face, but I think the Bigsby is my favorite:

more white gallery frames to match ours for updated photos
plain photo albums to catch up with pics since Rhys was born

some sort of lamp(s) for our bedroom (I am in love with these but hope they go on sale! $$!)
a clock since we don't have the time on our cable box anymore
medium antique bronze pocketwatch clock
And not necessarily things I "need", but fun nonetheless, right?

a haircut is a little like a vacation these days

I could walk into Francesca's and buy it all. These are some of my current obsessions...
 hello, rose quartz pendant
and hi there, Letica Oval

I'd love some good baby boy gift ideas (and grown man ideas, while you're at it:) Hope you have fun Christmas shopping this year!

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