My mom has the kids for a few hours of much needed housework (and I am squeezing in a little blog time too!)  Thanks Nana:)  I thought I'd make it short and sweet, kind of a catch-up on everything at once...

Excited about our basement finally coming together. Although we definitely learned a "you get what you pay for" lesson, it serves its function and I can't WAIT to decorate it.

Proud of myself for ordering our Christmas cards last week. After last year's debacle with Christmas Eve Christmas cards, there was no way I was missing them this year. PS- Tiny Prints is the best. Their designs, their customer service, their coupons. I have been so impressed with my experience working with them for Rhys' announcements and these cards.

Thinking about Christmas gifts. Definitely a dollhouse for Larkyn. After a few nights of research, I'm thinking this one or this one. Thoughts?  I hate that the first one is pink and plastic. But it is durable and kids seem to love it. And I have no idea what to get Rhys. Once we empty our storage room, he will have a ton of Larkyn's old toys. Any one year old boy ideas?  Really all he needs is clothes and snacks. This boy loves his Mum-mums and graham crackers.

So glad that Crock Pot season is back! I am aware that I could use it at any time, but who wants to eat hot potato soup in July?  Fall/Winter is the only time when I feel like we eat good dinners because the Crock Pot cooks it all!  My favorites are all on my dinner board. What are you making this week?

Relieved that Kindergarten testing is over! Of course, it is time to start assessing for report cards, but the new (horrendous) state test we gave from September-November 1st is finally OVER!

Annoyed with fleas. I'll leave it at that. A certain feline has made our lives much more complicated by bringing his little friends inside.

Working on playroom decor! I was too excited to wait, so I used paint tape to hang up some of the stuff where I want it. Of course, all the toy organization costs money, so I am having to pace myself. Sneak peek is from Vintageremix.

Next weekend is our anniversary weekend. We are going low key this year by staying in town and going out to (a quiet) dinner. Can't wait!

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Nana said...

The house looked great when I brought the kids home:) So glad the basement is coming together! Dinner was great too! Thanks.

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