No mantle? No problem

One of the 546 things we miss about our old house is our amazing mantle, situated above our cozy fireplace. "Must have a fireplace" was not on our list of things our new home had to have, but I was jumping out of my skin this fall thinking about the impending stocking dilemma. Where would they hang? Stockings are my favorite part of Christmas!

After spending HOURS one night browsing Pinterest for "mantle no fireplace" and checking out actual mantles on Etsy ($$ cha-ching!), I decided to take matters into my own hands. Well, put matters in my dad's hands to be exact.

I knew what I wanted, it was easy to find everything at Home Depot, and off he went. If you're curious, the materials were 2 pine boards, cut to 44", a piece of trim to go around all the edges, and four knobs of your choice. Hanging it was NOT pretty, as Matt and my father in law could attest. Let's just say finding studs in our wall is not our forte. Or they're not there.

After painting it with Sherwin Williams ProClassic Interior Acrylic Latex (NOT regular wall paint or it will peel off the wood), I was dying to decorate it.

Seeing as we have blown our savings on finishing the basement (that post is a long way off-- it is taking forever!), we needed some budget items:
  • RE lantern (16.99), wooden pear (2.49), fox candle holder (3.49), flower pot (3.19), mercury glass pumpkin (4.99) were all from Target. 
  • Be thankful printable from Not By Sight Design and printed at Office Max via email
  • The pedestal with dome was a gift and the two pumpkins are leftover from Lynd's
  • The banner is just twine and some little canvas tags I found at Michael's . There were 15 in a pack for 3.99

Didn't he do a great job building it?  I had a lot of fun decorating and cannot WAIT to hang the stockings on the knobs. Now the hunt for the 4 perfect stockings begins...

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Nana said...

Truly beautiful and your little touches for decorating are perfect.

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