Thanksgiving + Black Friday

I always want to host Thanksgiving. It is not easy getting the house cleaned and doing a little food prep with the kids, but I have figured it out. Kind of.I started doing a lot of delegating and letting others bring as much food as they want!  This year, I only did the desserts (much more simplified than last year's cute but time intense individual servings!) and corn casserole...
The dutch apple pie was a so-so recipe from ("best ever" was a stretch) and the trifle is from here, only I used spice cake and added chopped pecans and liked it more than last year.

The kids got to play in the playroom, and then after that, I totally forgot to take pictures!  The rest of the night consisted of watching football, looking through Black Friday ads, and watching the kids go nuts. And of course, drinking Trader Joe's cider (you haven't had cider til you've had theirs). Word to the wise...mix it with spiced rum and top with whipped cream and caramel.

I arranged for my mother in law to come watch the kids this morning while I did a little Black Friday shopping. I have learned that if you avoid the early crowds (go after 7 AM), it really isn't too bad. I went with a list of things I wanted for the kids and only bought them if they were on sale. Here are some of my favorite deals...

$63.99 down from 79.99

$62.00 down from 83.99

$19.99 down from 39.99

$15 down from 24.99

$5 tees and fleeces, 50% off everything else

$19.99 down from 39.99

$10 (yes, I did buy one thing for me, but it was totally practical:)
Hope you and your families had a great Thanksgiving and that you got a head start on shopping. We have one less week this year until Christmas!

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Schneider 4.0 said...

Hold the press. I didn't know you were looking for a dutch apple pie recipe! I've got your recipe!!!!! When in doubt, ask your Mennonite friend :)

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