A very Preschool Christmas

Have we even discussed the fact that Larkyn is in preschool? I am ashamed to say that I think I forgot to do a "First Day of Preschool" post...blasphemy!  Well, here is a quick catch-up:
 Wasn't she just born yesterday?

So, Larkyn is in preschool and it is going well. She has made friends, is learning to be patient, and is experiencing structure that will help her prepare for kindergarten. Since this is a church preschool, they perform a Christmas show in the sanctuary, and I was happy to take a day off to watch it.

 Here she comes up the aisle...will she make it up there or will she stop and want to sit with us?

 She made it! 

 Saying "hi" to me. We were about 10 rows back, so I was glad she could spot us.

 I wish I knew which song she was singing here, but she was loving it! Please note the leggings pulled from her ankles up to her shins. And the missing pigtail on the right. Love this girl.

 Back in the classroom, the kids had a party and Santa came to visit! She is thinking hard about what she wants him to bring her...

And the next day was our sitter's annual pajama day. Last year, Larkyn would have gladly worn her footed PJs all day every day. This year, she needed a little convincing. It was worth it though...check out this crew!

I have been lucky to have such a great sitter since Larkyn was 17 weeks old. Now, she is the oldest child in Miss C's care. I have no idea how she orchestrates a picture like this, but I love it!

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