Christmas around our house

As much as I love to go out and do fun things, I recently figured out why I really don't mind winter as much as I thought I did. The less than lovely weather is the perfect excuse to stay inside and make your house a cozy little place to spend time together. It is easy to go nuts decorating for the holidays, but toddlers and crawling babies have a way of dismantling decorations.

This year has been hard/amazing for all of us, so the only way to keep the holidays from losing their sparkle and becoming a chore is to simplify.

Our home...
 My goal with our winter mantle was to spend zero dollars and reuse things from around the house. While my mom is working on our handmade stockings, she gave us this little mitten garland that I LOVE!

 Cardboard cone trees, one wrapped with twine and the other painted gray and sprinkled with pearls

 These little Pottery Barn stars needed a home, and I painted the last canvas from the pack we used for our handprint art

 Our cards do not have a home yet. One day I will figure out how to display them. And the gingerbread house is being slowly consumed by a certain toddler...

 I always wanted two matching ornaments on my tree

 AND I'm a big believer in homemade ornaments being in plain view

 Just relaxing...her favorite activity. It could include the iPad, a movie, or a book...

One day I will have trees in urns and wreaths with white lights, but this year, this little guy will do just fine;)

Simplicity is a good thing.

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Nana said...

What a beautiful Christmas you have created for your little family! I love the simplicity you have chosen. It warms my heart!

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