Less than 3 weeks to...

Does anyone else realize that we have an entire WEEK less than usual because of the late Thanksgiving!? That means that while we are "just" starting to think about Christmas, it is 18 days away. I don't want to forget to do these special things with the kids!

We made a gingerbread house already, but I know Larkyn would LOVE to make an ice cream cone tree. Um who wouldn't? Cone + icing + MMs? Yes please.

I have had handprint art pinned since I became a "beta" member of Pinterest 4 years ago. It's high time I use some of those adorable ideas before my kids have man hands.

Of course we have to make Christmas cookies. But, I'm not really up for the cut-outs and icing and sprinkles this year. I know, Grinch. I know my limits....last year's experience with this about did me in. I'm thinking pre-shaped this year.

I think Larkyn could understand the message of donating a toy this year. Or maybe even a bunch of pet supplies to take to the animals at Colony Cats. Or something else? Whatever it is, I want her to see where the gift goes and how it helps. Dropping it in a bin at Toys R Us doesn't quite do it.

We have a big box of Christmas books under the tree, and I only bring them out in December. We need to read those puppies before it is time to put them away again!

Larkyn actually realized the other day, "Hey mommy. Santa comes down our chimney but...then does he come in the door?" We have a chimney but no fireplace. So, a magic key it is!

I always liked leaving carrots for the reindeer, but this stuff is just so cute (my students love making it!) One link has a free printable, one link has gorgeous DIY bags that have Nana written all over them.

What traditions do you do with your kids? We will revisit the Advent calendar next year. One that does NOT include chocolate.

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Desiree said...

Holy cow, your babies are GORGEOUS!!

And I'm jealous of your regular blogging; I was going to sit down and blog but the baby just woke up for the second time so all I have time to do is leave a comment!

Glad I got to catch up with you for a hot second!

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