Our Christmas 2014

Our tree is still up because it just seems too early to take it down (and I really hate that chore!)  Our 24 hours of Christmas was a whirlwind with ups and downs, but I already miss it and can't wait for it to come again.

We started with Christmas Eve at Uncle Eric and Aunt Shannon's, playing with Jaxsen and grandpa and opening tons of presents from Grandma.

It was a rough night after that!  It was hard for them to settle down and Larkyn was devastated that she couldn't play with her new toys all night. Next year, no toys on Christmas Eve! After lots of tears and reminders about Santa coming the next morning, we finally got her to bed and could begin our preparation...

 She loves her dollhouse! Yippee!

 My favorite part, the stockings. From nana:)

 Peppa Pig always makes her smile

 He just smiled and played with whatever he found on the floor.

 She opened daddy's presents too. "They're heavy, daddy!"

I think this was the first year that Larkyn actually understood and enjoyed all this. She couldn't wait to open each gift and wanted to help everyone else open theirs.

Rhys was just along for the ride, mostly playing with boxes, paper, and toys from the dollar bin at Target. Naturally.

We always have monkey bread on Christmas morning. We kind of eat it all day long...

A few hours later, my parents came. Sadly, I didn't get any pictures because we were exhausted. And a few hours after that, my Mother in Law came and brought us dinner. It was a long, but happy day. I will fully admit to having some Clark Griswald feelings as usual, because I want the day to be perfect and for everyone to be happy. Between the mess, cranky kids who are overstimulated, and hearing "I'm so glad it's over", I got a little upset. Adjusting to Christmas with kids is not all sugarplums and glitter. It is an adjustment, and I am adjusting to the imperfections. It is much more fulfilling and meaningful, and I try my best to make it a happy time for everyone.

I loved seeing my two kids have fun with their new toys and with their family, and I know it will be even more fun next year!

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