Rhys is 9 months old!

This has truly been the most eventful month for our little guy. I can't believe what he has suddenly learned, and not sure we were prepared for all of it!

Stats: I only included this because I have to laugh. I have no idea how much he weighs or how tall he is. His 12 month footed PJs are getting a little snug in the feet, how's that?

New milestones:  We have a climber!  All hands on deck for this little mountaineer, who learned how to pull himself up on a Monday and by Sunday could climb a full flight of stairs (with his mommy behind him every second). He's also for-real crawling rather than pulling himself across the floor with his elbows. No more dirty bellies from pulling himself, but his poor little knees!  He is also eating anything you put on his tray, literally stuffing his face with fistfuls of Cheerios, puffs and soft fruits.

Loves: Diced peaches, pulling over toy baskets, throwing books across the room with his sister, sweet potato puffs, pancakes, Peppa Pig, waking up at least three times per night, being tickled in the ribs

Dislikes: Wearing his new winter coat in the carseat

Nine months in, nine months out. It feels like we have always had him. Our sweet boy who is shy and smiley with strangers and curious as can be...

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Nana said...

Those eyes..they look right through you! He is the sweetest little boy!!

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