Six on Saturday


The kids saw Santa this morning! I love going back to my high school each year to support their Key Club (service project group) They have a pancake breakfast, several crafts, and best of all, Santa pictures you can take yourself. Both kids were a little unsure, but Larkyn talked to him through her hands on her mouth and told him she wants a Peppa Pig.


Modern Parents Messy Kids gift guides. Actually their entire website and their Pinterest boards are so helpful. I almost wanted to take everything I bought on Black Friday and start all over once I read their gift guides. Like me, the writer obsesses and researches each purchase until she can't even see straight.  I won't be re-shopping, but keeping this list for birthdays and Christmases in the future, while probably adding this set for the kids this year.

Trader Joe's Advent calendars given (and eaten in entirety) on December 1. I was feeling good about my tradition-starting skills by getting it out on the right day and explaining it to Larkyn. However, when I got home from work that day, Matt alerted me that "something" had been consumed in her room at naptime but he didn't know what. Yep. All 25 pieces of chocolate on Day 1.


Planning for Christmas cookies. In years past, I have given some sort of snack mix. This year, I have the urge to make a few different cookies instead. Any suggestions? I'm thinking Yummy Cracker snacks, classic fudge, and maybe snowballs? Too many choices!


Booking a joint birthday party! This year, we are going to combine the kids' birthdays and try a new play cafe. And please, the theme has been in the back of my mind since Rhys' ears perked up at the sound of his sister watching her favorite pig.


Someone is growing up too fast around here. I will share the full run-down on his 9 month post (!), but check out these yoga feet balancing him as he pulls up on the stairs (and of course, his football field leg warmers).


Keith and Julie said...

Love it. Glad Santa went well.

Nana said...

My head just explodes with all the ideas/traditions that I wanted to do with you and they went the way of all good ideas...down the proverbial drain! I'm so happy for my grandchildren that you are sticking to your guns and making these traditions for them. Mom

Schneider 4.0 said...

Did Santa forget his blood pressure meds? The man is beet red!

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