Five on Friday

It was not awesome when my laptop was accidentally flung off the couch a few weeks ago. But luckily, it is tax refund time.  On our lovely day off together, Matt and I welcomed this new family member. I am so excited to have my own space (yes, all 48" of it) for my work/hobbies. And I do not miss having a laptop at all. If I wake up early and have an idea, I can just get out of bed and do something with the idea. I can't wait to decorate the wall.

Valentine sweets. This is my favorite time of year for sweets!  Chocolate everything, pink, red, just so feminine and I love it. I posted this recipe a few years ago, but this year I had Larkyn to help me sprinkle them.

I have been eyeing these suede booties for about 6 months but kept thinking I'd look stupid in them. Then I tried them on in DSW in front of Matt and noted that I thought they were "cute and maybe I'd pull the trigger one day". Well, lo and behold, they somehow ended up as a stocking stuffer from my shoe-loving man. I LOVE them! I can comfortably wear them all day and they are a fun change from tall boots. The only bad part is that you have to be so careful with them, I already have two small spots from a drooly baby!

Surprise Snow Days!  This time I year, I go from rabidly watching the weather to see if we will have a day off to refusing to watch it so I don't get my hopes up. Apparently, I was the only one surprised to get the 6 AM voicemail to cancel school this week. We were off every Monday in January...I love and enjoy my job, but who doesn't love a three day weekend with their babies?

This hilarious video that Jill sent me. So, so true.


Nana said...

Hilarious video! Even I can identify with that one! And looks like you will be getting another Monday off to start February:) Lucky duck!

Schneider 4.0 said...

I love my suede booties! Yours are too cute!

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