I'm working on it

...keeping up with laundry, especially when a certain preschooler wets the bed and it needs to be stripped. The worst!

...keeping up with any housekeeping, come to think of it. Some days I feel like it is the only thing I do and at the end of the day, it looks like I did nothing. We've talked about getting some help with this because it is the number one source of arguments and stress. I'm working on it.

...leaving my phone in another room so I can be a little more present. Even if it is just to watch a show, do I need to be looking at Pinterest while watching TV? Maybe, if the kids want a birthday party. Just kidding.

...spending less money on food/drinks outside our house. The fabulous Mr. Coffee and the 20 minutes taken from our lunch time has helped with that!

... buying less-processed food, especially for the kids. Why does it have to cost so much more?!

...spending less money at Target. When we moved a few blocks from a Target, it easily became our grocery store, convenience store, pharmacy, etc. This leads to going in for a prescription and coming out with a tank top, cereal, and a mug. And forgetting the prescription.

...practicing hand-lettering each day. Purely out of enjoyment...no scrap piece of wood or my children's art supplies are safe from a little monogram or laurel branch practice.

...over analyzing other's thoughts- typically concluding that they are either mad at me or do not like me. I'm working on not letting this bother me, I guess. I can't make everyone happy, and some were not raised to accept differences--I cannot change this.

...my photography. I need to suck it up and take a course. I get so frustrated with low light and really don't know what I'm doing. I'm hoping to either trade in my SLR and point and shoot for a current model or buy a new lens for my SLR.

...getting together with friends more. I am working on the balance between role as mom and role as friend, and hopefully this year, I can get out a little more. I am lucky to have patient and understanding friends!

...getting gas when it is cheap!  It NEVER fails that I see it and tell everyone "Wow! Gas was 1.79 today!" but keep driving. Then when my gas light comes on, it is at least 40 cents more.

Resolutions for the new year don't really do much for me. But I am aware of a few things that could use some improvement and maybe I can slowly chip away at them. What are you working on?


Kristin said...

These are great things to work on! It's all about baby steps right? Especially as a mama - do a little here, a little there and hopefully it all adds up! :)

Schneider 4.0 said...

The cleaning never ends, the cleaning never ends, high-ho the dairy-o, the cleaning never ends.

I started a "campaign for a clean house." Making sure that everyone picks up their things before bedtime, including the husband, kids help take folded laundry from folded site to their rooms and put away and well, it's working out okay.

You may find that by switching from less processed foods to fruit/vegetable snacks and even more meal-like snacks, will keep your kids fuller longer. Although, who doesn't love a good pop-tart? It's just my kids would be hungry 20 minutes later. Not enough!

Okay, this is me spouting off things now. Good post!

Desiree said...

I love this post! I need to do one of my own - if I ever get to blog regularly again!

I'm totally working on trying to finding myself in the midst of mothering and being a wife. It's not going so well at the moment but I have hope. :-)

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