Seeing the trains at Columbus Main Library

I hadn't been downtown to the Main Library since I was in college. But friends had been telling me about the amazing train display that they have during the holidays, and we finally decided to end our winter break by going to see them with our friends, Mara and Maggie.

Parking is off Grant Avenue under the building, so it is the perfect place to come during ugly weather. Bring your parking ticket inside with you, because that is where you pay for parking (which was 50 cents for our 2 hours stay!)

The train display did not disappoint. It is gorgeous, ornate, and detailed. For older kids, they have some "Can you find?" signs. The younger kids just like staring at it.

When you are all finished with the display (and if you go to the library after they take it down after the new year), there is much more to do around the corner in the kids area.

The kids loved the giant magnetic wall, the puppet show area, Larkyn enjoyed coloring, there is a big castle structure to sit in read in, and don't forget the books (we did).

We brought snacks (and coffee) and it wasn't a problem. However, I regretted bringing my own coffee after I realized there is a Crimson Cup in the lobby!

Family story time was at 11:00 and neither of the girls were interested. I am not in the business of making her try things if she is doing something she is enjoying and she is behaving, so I didn't push it.

The fireplace was so cute. You can't tell, but it is actually animate and quite fascinating to Rhys. I loved seeing the parents scattered around the kids area reading to their kids. Next time, we will try to get some books. Although I may have my Masters in Childrens Literature, I am terrible at returning library books.

We went on the busiest day of the week (Saturday) and it wasn't too crowded. If you want to do the story time, though, grab a seat early because it was definitely full. Go check it out!


Nana said...

What a fun trip! The pictures are great; they tell the story.

Audra said...

How cool! We should definitely go check this place out this winter! You had me a Crimson Cup.

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