"You're ruining my life"...

Wasn't it just yesterday that I was recounting the vocabulary of my sweet-as-sugar 17 month old?  I mean, look at those dimples! 

Our almost-four year old is way past these word and onto a slew of other choice phrases and quirks. I don't write about her as often as I should now that I have been doing monthly updates on Rhys (don't feel bad, as you recall, I did weekly updates with her!)

She is magical. Really, that's the only word to describe her. She can be maddening at times, frustrating, even, but most of the time, we just love watching her grow and waiting for what comes out of her mouth next. 

One of my favorite new habits of hers is that she now gets her outfits ready for the next day. This took YEARS of modeling by me and one day it just clicked, and it just kills me. She will fling open a drawer, pull out whatever shirt is on top (I jump in to give a little reminder that "It's time for something new), we work together to find pants that match, she runs to her bow holder and is actually getting good at finding a bow that matches, pulls out her shoes-of-the-moment, and a coat, and throws it all (with gusto) on her dresser. "THERE! I'm ready for the day!"

Some of our favorite Larkynisms:
  • L: (making "potty noises" up and down the aisles of Target) Me: "Please stop doing that. That's yucky." L: "You're ruining my life"
  • Coming downstairs on January 2nd to see an empty Christmas tree: "Christmas is gone!"
  • Looking out the window on January 6th to see a school-closing snow storm: "Christmas is back!"
  • L: (repeated "Yeeeeeehaw!" coming from the bathroom) Matt: "What's she doing?" Me: "I don't know but she sounds happy. I'll check in a minute." L: (caught doing chin-ups on the towel bar that is now hanging off the wall) Me: (various motherly scolding) L: "You're ruining my life". I have no idea where this came from but the two times she has said it, I simultaneously want to flip out and die from laughter,
  • L: (listening to Ella Henderson's "Ghost") "This is a cowboy song."  ???
  • L: (thoughtfully looking out the car window) "Hey mommy, when I used to be born, I grew up."
  • She says "Serious" for hilarious. As in, "Mommy, is Goofy serious?"
  • "Doo'ed" for the past tense of "do". As in, "Bastian pulled the pizza off the table. He doo'ed that."

She loves her routines, man. And if you mess them up once, there is hell to pay. We have to brush our teeth together and then go play dollhouse before her bedtime story and song. I can't miss any steps or trade one out if the other takes too long. Nope, there is no negotiation with this one. 

Matt and I had the day to ourselves on Saturday (thanks, mom) and we kept finding ourselves talking about her (and of course, the little man). Though our conversations are getting scarily close to teenager exchanges, she makes us laugh and fills our hearts. 


Schneider 4.0 said...

HA. Make sure you have a quote book! We started one when Eli started talking and it's hilarious to look back and then even now write in it. As in, "I'm going to defend Meatville from the evil forces of vegetables and fruit." Nice. Although, I don't think Larkyn's latest is able to be topped. She's even using it at the right times. Hilarious.

Nana said...

She IS hilarious! On Saturday/Sunday sleepover, there were so many opportunities to just hug her to death. You might think she doesn't catch on to something, but you are so wrong! Saturday night snuggling in my bed, she looked up at 3 baskets on a shelf and declared them Large, medium and small. Then she would go the other way...small, medium, Large. She was so fascinated with that. I didn't think she even noticed the baskets until Saturday! And just so you know, she didn't get that comment from here!!!! LOL. You are ruining my life! Priceless!

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