Cupid hates us

On Saturday, I was busy worrying about Rhys contracting measles on our flight to Charlotte (hooray! we just booked tickets to celebrate my Godson Henry's first birthday!) While arranging the details over the phone, I drove us to the mall where I had promised Larkyn she could play at the playground (while I zone out with my Starbucks. Win-win). Rhys wanted out of the stroller and was so excited by all the kids racing around him, so I let him out too.

Fast forward to Sunday morning. 6:45, Rhys is not up. 7:30, Larkyn is up and eating breakfast. 8:00, I go in and have to WAKE up my morning buddy. He is approximately one million degrees and his face is red. He bursts into tears and I remember:

Cupid hates us.

Every year since we had kids, they have been sick around and on Valentines Day. Here are some of our romantic Valentines Days past...




And this week, 2015

Nothing NOTHING is worse than seeing your baby in pain. Well maybe worse is being told over and over "There is nothing we can do" and "Keep pushing fluids". Meanwhile, we missed a week of work (totally worth it, but always a little tough). We laid with him all day, because that is the only thing he could do. He threw up full bottles, had 1 wet diaper a day, and let's not even talk about his sister. OK, I will. She vacillated between ultra-helpful and out of control. She was getting no attention and (like all of us when we are sick) Rhys wanted QUIET. Which Larkyn does not do. 

Anyway, after a week at home with 103 degree fever, he is on the mend. He is eating, smiling, and doing better. Still mostly tired and grouchy, but the nasty fever finally let go. 

There is a world in which I prepare mini pancake, strawberry, and Nutella kabobs and provide thoughtful and creative gifts for my kids. There is also a world in which we have dog eye blood on our sheets (because I forgot to tell you that HE was at the vet twice this week TOO), we go to four pharmacies to find the dog prescription and pull something together for Valentines day, and we end up with two 4 foot tall stuffed animals in lieu of anything resembling creativity. Guess which one is real life?

Maybe next year, we will have our Pinterest-worthy Valentines Day. In the meantime, you can find me wearing that exact sweatshirt in the first and last photos, snuggling with my Valentines.


Nana said...

And that is why you are the best Mom ever. Making sweet applesauce out of sour green apples! Happy Valentine's Day Sweetie.

Kristin said...

I am sorry your babe has been sick! It really is the worst! I am also sorry that it's become a yearly tradition too. :( But, I kind of had to laugh because isn't that just the way it goes? It's not enough it's a holiday but it can never just be the sick kid - there's always something on top of it all. Hope everyone at your house is on the mend!

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