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Well, the minute I brought home my new computer was the minute I suddenly got too busy to sit down and blog.  Having Rhys home today, I have a few minutes to catch up on what's been going on in our house...

Yippee!  My jewelry has a new home. I ordered this shelf from Hudsonlace with an etsy gift card from my class. She custom-builds each piece, so it takes a while, but it was worth it! I stained the unfinished barn wood, immediately regretted it, and painted it white for a "weathered" look. Good save. I think.

Rhys almost made it to one year without getting sick. This is exactly when Larkyn got sick for the first time, and always seems to be sick around Valentines Day!  Poor Rhys is miserable...he is sleeping all day and just wants to be held when he is awake. No flu, though. Just lots of Ibuprofen, baths, and snuggles for this guy.

We've been making valentines around here!  I pulled up a bunch of ideas on Pinterest that Larkyn was completely uninterested in until she saw a photo of Hershey Hugs (her Kryptonite). She didn't care what the valentine looked like, as long as she could give (and steal) Hugs. I was excited to find these free printables and my mom helped me put one together so I knew how to do the rest.

Next up is lots of birthday planning!  We are having a joint birthday party for both kids since their birthdays are about a month apart. I have a secret Pinterest board so everyone doesn't know the party before they walk in. But here is a little glimpse of the details...

This week's Pen + Peplum #52handlettered prompt was "A quote about love". I knew immediately that I would try something that I could hang in Rhys' nursery if it turned out decent. I need to buy a copy of The Giving Tree now that I am a mom. I totally understand it now.

Have a good week!

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