Rhys is 11 months old!

So this is it...our last month before he is one year old. This is insane. It is strange living life as a teacher because we literally start our routines over every August and do the exact same thing each year. So, as I was pulling out Valentines Day activities and teaching the kids about dental health, I was reminded of being HUGE this time last year. Of the intense anticipation of what was to come in less than a month...meeting my son!  So let's fast forward to today with our 11 month old guy.

Loves to:  Show us how he can stand on his own. He will look around like "Are ya seein' this?"  He still climbs the stairs like a maniac and loves going through boxes and bins of anything. He cruises around the room while holding onto furniture to pull piles of papers and laundry off the couch. He loves laying down with cars and making them drive on the floor or wall. 

Eats:  His favorite is definitely mac and cheese of any sort. Those little Gerber trays of diced fruits and veggies are so convenient and he loves those too. Honestly, he eats everything we put in front of him. Except Pedialyte when he HAS to have it. 

Sleeps:  For one glorious week of my sleep career, he slept through the night. Consequently, this was the week he happened to be sick as a dog, so I wouldn't trade it. But, man that was nice. He is up a few times a night again for the amount of time it takes me to recover and reinsert his binky.

Firsts: Just by chance, he graduated out of the baby tub and sits just fine with Larkyn in the bath tub. He still LOVES baths!  Like I mentioned, he stands on his own every now and then. 

Dislikes:  Being sick? His usual even-temper was a bit off...he wanted things and wanted them NOW.

How he is different from big sis:  Rhys is a little clingier than I remember Larkyn being. He is a little shy around both grandpas and if I have to hand him off (like to a nurse 50 times last week). He eats a lot more than she does even as a preschooler! 

It's a strange juxtaposition. I feel like he has always been with us, yet I feel like I don't know him yet. There are so many personality traits yet to be discovered. Will be be a more quiet observer? A social butterfly? He is already starting to voice his opinion when Larkyn takes something from him. I'm wondering when he is going to chuck something at her and the fun really begins...

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