The 15 year puzzle

So many cliche metaphors ran through my head as this post has been brewing in my head for the last few days. I am going to skip all of them. 

I have spent my whole post-high school life chasing something. Running after leadership positions, Buckling down to get the GPA I wanted, taking the job search by storm and applying to every school district within 50 miles of Columbus. Doing things, re-doing things. A house! Babies! A simple wedding done the way I wanted! Another house to fit the new get the picture. 

That always leaves me with either a.) wanting more or b.) finally FINALLY coming to the realization that I am where I want to be and don't need another major life event anytime soon. Luckily for all parties involved, I chose the latter. It is a conscious acceptance, and a new outlook. 
Rather than being caught up in nursery plans (which I love, though), saving for the next house, going back for some sort of degree, I am finally ready to embrace where I am in life. 

Does that make sense? There are no more pieces to the puzzle (I had to, sorry). I am excited to see where we go from here...where we travel as this little family, our routines, how we make this house a home, centering our attention around the kids' accomplishments rather than ours, and getting back to things that have always been in my heart but haven't had the time for since I was about eighteen.
Have you had this moment yet? Does it call for party planning? Just kidding...maybe just some UDF ice cream.

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Nana said...

so happy for you and your new-found contentment. At church these days, the metaphor is "I have enough". That is BIG for people who want more. Great realization when you accept it. Lovely pictures. And I is like he has been with us forever, or at least longer than 10 months!

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