Peppa (& George) Pig Party!

I  knew I wanted the kids to have a joint birthday party this year (and maybe next year too, if Larkyn isn't into something reaaally girl by then). When I started thinking of themes a few months ago, it was easy. Larkyn has loved the show Peppa Pig for over a year, and Rhys definitely comes toddling over to the TV when he hears it come on. I love the colors, the innocence, and the fact that the show is about a big sister and little brother.

We had the party at Eat Play Love Cafe in Lewis Center, and the color scheme actually matched the party perfectly. Without further ado, here are a million photos and sources of my favorite party yet...

My favorite details of the party, made by some of my favorite people. I love envisioning something and finding people who can help me make them come to life. Food labels from our party printable kit from Red Apple Studio, jars from Smidge and Pinch, Thank you labels by my niece, Kristy.

The backdrop was easy to make with butcher and construction paper!

The banner was from our party pack, printed at Office Depot (I just email the file to them and pick it up!) and pieced together by the banner Queen, my mom.

The chevron runners are fabric from JoAnn's, finished by my mom (the Queen of everything:)

Dessert table with muddy puddles and the cakes

The cake was a total gamble. When you describe pink and red on the phone to someone, it could turn out pretty awful. Luckily, Giant Eagle was spot-on with the cake and I added a Peppa figure, candle, and made a mini bunting with scrapbook paper. 

This was an 8" double layer cake with white cake and strawberry filling.

For Rhys' cake, I got the tiny smash cake and requested rainbow sprinkles, added a George figurine and his candle too. 

A close-up of the Muddy Puddle jar. I used the taller baby food jars, glued a party circle on (that came right off when I soaked them), and added crushed Oreos, a layer of instant chocolate pudding, and then topped with more Oreos and sour gummy worms. These were a hit!

To get guests to eat their veggies, I picked some of my favorites: Marzetti ranch dip, Marzetti spinach dip, and Sabra one nut hummus. I was sure I would have tons of leftovers, but the people were into it. Those are wide mouth 16 oz. Ball jars from Target (4 pack). 

This was one of my favorite parts of the party, and so simple! I'll post a tutorial this week for the Piggie Pops (chocolate covered marshmallows with sprinkles). It was nice to have them wrapped so that I could hand out all the extras at the end of the party.

It is hard to read my food label, but those are "Mr. Potato's Chips". Mr. Potato is probably the oddest character on the show, but everyone loves chips! The suitcase was part of a 3 pack. I picked up bagels as a back-up in case we ran out of sandwiches (we did) and in case people didn't want meat. 

Deli sandwiches and peanut butter and jelly trays from Kroger. Rhys LOVED the peanut butter!

If you know George Pig, you know he loves his dinosaur! I got green Hawaiian punch for this, as well as water bottles labeled from our party pack.

Instead of filling favor bags, I made the bags and then let the kids fill them with their piñata treasures.

And as another take-home treat, a bag of Funfetti "Peppa Chow". I definitely adjusted the recipe by cutting the cake mix down to 1/4 cup. The first batch was WAY too sweet! 

As always, I had a book for everyone to sign.  It is fun to see how the kids' signatures change over the years, too. 

Coloring sheets were printed off the web, and kids of all ages relaxed in this corner at some point. 

A friend of my mom's made these (on foam board) as a sweet surprise.

LOVE the color combo for this party. It also helped to have a broad color scheme because I had a better chance of finding items that I could use. 

Before everyone arrived, she is checking everything out.

She approves!  Buckets and pinwheels from Michaels, Peppa and George decal from Smidge and Pinch.

The star of the show…courtesy again of Smidge and Pinch

Believe it or not, this was the second piñata in one week (Thank God for 2 day shipping!) I'll give you one guess of who ATE the first?)

I had fun making these signs at night after the kids went to bed. They are paint markers on foam board. 

I made a chapbook of 52 weeks of Rhys but it didn't come in time for the party (wahhhh!). So, I loaded up all our chat books and some of the cake smash photos for guests to browse. I also made a little scrapbook of Larkyn's year. I'll post more about that closer to her birthday.

It says "I AM 1". Mr. I am 1 tore that banner up the second he sat down, so it is a good thing it was cheap and easy (green banner pieces and string and Elmer's adhesive letters from Target)

There ended up being one picture of us! The downside to taking the party photos is that you can't be in them (and you get so distracted that you choose aperture priority instead of shutter priority and all photos look out of focus).

He ate 3 PB&Js!!

My heart explodes when I look at him.

He's going through a clingy phase right now, and Auntie Brenda was trying to give our arms a break. 

Through the whole birthday song, he didn't even notice the cake, he just wanted Matt to take him out of the highchair. Surprise!

Right before it fell on the floor.

Grandpa's boy

She gets very bashful each year when we sing to her. This was the best picture I got:( Hint, hint, a NEW CAMERA PLEASE!

Both kids' shirts were from amazon. Love it!

Mac and Larkyn playing at their respective housekeeping areas

Piñata time! Pull string is definitely the way to go. I filled it with Spritz toys from Target, MMs, fruit snacks, and Smarties (Larkyn's fave!)

Emie collecting loot

And big brother Coen with his piñata bubbles (photo by his mama)

Rhys and his BFF Maxx, watching the world

Party planning definitely started in January. With two kids, it is not easy (at all) anymore to make multiple trips to Michaels, Hobby Lobby, and Target. So, by starting so early, I can collect a little here and a little there. I gave a few tasks to my mom and gave her plenty of time to do them. I outsourced the main dishes again, which is a lot less stress (and probably less money in the end!). I worked whenever the kids napped and took Larkyn's help whenever she offered. She helped poke straws into marshmallows, filled the piñata, cut ribbons, and had a hand in almost every little part. 

It is always bittersweet when my babies have a birthday. I put a ton of energy into their parties, and when they are over, I usually have a meltdown about life in general. I am so lucky to have my sweet kids, a mom who loves crafting whatever project I give her, and good friends who helped set up and tear down the whole thing. thanks, everyone!


Schneider 4.0 said...

Great job! Love these pics! Looks like the kiddos had a great time. SOOOOO wish we could have been there. Love the chalkboards. Tres chic.

Theresa said...

Thank you for mentioning Smidge and Pinch. We love seeing friends parties online! Sue and Theresa

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