Rhys is one!!

{Written on 3/17}
It is pretty surreal that one year ago, I was packing bags, my mom was picking up Larkyn, and we were calmly headed to Riverside to meet our baby boy. We stopped at Piada for dinner and bought Matt a new set of headphones...for some reason I remember those little details. 

We settled into our room and met our nurse, who was going to be with us till Rhys was born (or so we thought). Several hours later, and many CNN breaking newsflashes about the missing airplane (and an anesthesiologist who kept giving me her conspiracy theories about the plane secretly landing and a colony of people beginning without our knowledge), still no baby.

After a pretty boring and uneventful night, still no baby. Both of us were doing fine, but my phone was filling with "So...?" and "Hope all is well..." texts. At 12:25 pm, Rhys finally made his entrance. 

Those few days in the hospital were such a snugglefest!  I was on love, just like my friends told me would happen with a baby boy. He got to meet his sister (who pulled the emergency cords twice in the bathroom), his family, and we got to go home 2 days later. 

Loves: Being held by mommy and daddy, yogurt melts, naps, bath time
Dislikes: Being put back down after being carried! He's in a clingy phase. The carseat still. Being sick (we are OVER IT!)
New skills: Walking! Rhys walked at the end of February, and does a mixture of walking and crawling to get where he wants to go. 
Adventures: Flying with mommy to Atlanta-->Charlotte and Charlotte-->NYC-->home was an adventure for sure. He got to see our whole family again and celebrate turning one with cousin Henry! Unfortunately he was sick again, so he was pretty miserable the entire time. 

This year has been so special with Rhys. He is a quieter, more sensitive kiddo than his sis was when she was tiny. He wants to be held more, get s little shy around new people, and loves to sit and observe. He lived in three houses in his first 4 months, and has adjusted well through it all. We just love him!

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