So long, March!

This is always a busy month for us, so I haven't updated here much. You are about to get overloaded in the next few days to make up for it! The kids' party was today, so once I collect all the best photos from that, you can see them ASAP. Here are a few images of a pretty happy month for the Osbornes...

The day after Valentines Day, I started the Spring mantle, but it took me a while to make and collect things I liked without it getting too Eastery. I did make that banner, and then I found pre-made ones at like 3 stores. Oh well. I was pretty happy with my painting this time around, and I just love the little green bunny from Michaels!

We had a sick little birthday boy this month, but he still enjoyed his small celebration we had on 3/18.   He didn't care much for the cake, but that's OK because it wasn't all that good. A certain mother of his thought that smash cakes would be in stock at her local grocer, and they sure aren't. Anyway, Larkyn dumped an entire bottle of sprinkles on this heinous one and we lit 13 candles. Problem solved.

No more blonde! I've been highlighting my hair since I was 14 (so, 10 years ago), and the cost of the upkeep finally caught up with me once I had 2 kids. It's funny, I have always identified as brunette and thought that's what other people saw too, but everyone seemed shocked at the difference.

Hooray for getting my family outside!  Lakyn is a total outdoor kid, and I was nervous about her first trek to the cemetery with the scooter. But, she did great. Seriously, this scooter is the best gift for any kid old enough to ride it.

Happy rest of the month!  Let's not forget that there are still 2 days left, March 31st being the best day of the year (when I turn 25).  Peppa and George Pig party pictures to come. And, no I am not really turning 25, but it is getting to that point where I think I stopped counting.

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