Sugar high

In the last 6 months (maybe Halloween flipped some sort of switch), Larkyn has become a full-on sugar junkie. That means that Easter was her THING this year, and not a 30 minute interval went by without her a) asking for candy b)asking if we want candy so that she could "share it" or c) sneaking candy.  It was still a fun, beautiful day!

Quite possibly my favorite picture of this child's life. 

 The kids' baskets. I usually go pretty small since both grandmas bring them baskets too. Inside the eggs hidden around the house were Shopkins (which she looooooved) and candy. Rhys got some toothbrushes and toothpaste and some cute Mickey things that are completely uninteresting to him.

Though her basket be small, there was a very special surprise in there. Actually two of them. If any of you have preschoolers who use iPads out there, you are undoubtedly familiar with Kindersurprise Eggs. I thought Larkyn was the only one obsessed with them until I found out that these egg videos have a cult following. Only, they aren't sold in America. This is when it is very helpful to have chocolate smuggling connections. 

 Our friends got the kids a nice gift card to Gymboree, so I was able to get both of their Easter outfits with it. I was dying over this cuteness, who soon after the picture, sat down in the dirt and ate mulch.

 My beautiful girl, watching the mulch-eater. 

 I do love coming home to these two every day.

 Rhys wanted to be held pretty much all afternoon. In an effort to save the Gymboree outfit, I grabbed the first bib in his drawer. So...pumpkins for Easter?

My contribution (besides my house) was dessert. My favorite spring dessert to fix for a crowd, Strawberry cheesecake trifle

 These two were maniacs for a few hours, then forced to sit down (with dirty socks that prove they ran wild).

 This is my heart exploding.

And all the clothes came off as soon as everyone left. Those curls...

I am happy to not have a candy-filled holiday for a VERY long time. I actually have to cut this short because "someone is rolling around under my desk like she's going through a terrible withdrawal of skittles and Reeses eggs.  Never dull. 

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