The sunny side

When the sun is shining around here, everything changes. Most notably, our basement begins to dry out from flooding (minimal damage but a MAJOR problem we are going to have to fix...yayyyy).  But we also have the chance to enjoy some of our favorite things...

 Bath time without freezing cold air
 He loves baths...
 Obviously he loves them, because he is subjected to her whims and puts up with it.
 Bare feet come back out
 Petting the goats at the zoo
New shoes for walking!
And stretching up high to get fruit snacks from big sis

A little sneak-away out to meet Jill and Alyson in the Short North for dinner and visiting. You'll notice to my right, a copper mug. Yep, had my first Moscow Mule and I'm a FAN. Totally different from my norm, but loved it. And the Spoon Bread at The Pearl-- I will be back for more (also, I had no idea the recipe was online till just now. I may need to get groceries immediately) Mother's Day is coming up, Matt. Just FYI.  If you live in Columbus, book your reservation NOW. 
The first zoo trip of the season. Getting up the courage to pet the goats again.
 Think she likes the train ride? Oh, do I love her.
 Time with our favorite old neighbors
 More interested in feet than the elephant...
 She (or he?) was playing with a stick. Ha!
He has been sick all week AGAIN, so I was glad to get him out of the house 

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Nana said...

As always, beautiful photos, momma.

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