To Larkyn on your fourth birthday

Dear Larkyn,
It is so hard to believe that you are four years old. But at the same time, we can't imagine what life was like before you.  You absolutely sparkle. You love anything to do with sweets, tea parties, and princesses, but also adore playing outside whenever possible. You loved having this little party at home with just us around the table and a special candle that you put in yourself.

You are learning to share with your brother and that is hard, I know. You are testing us with your constant sweet tooth. If it has sugar, you want it!

Eventually you will learn to count four fingers and tell people how old you are. Before I know it, you won't be able to count it on your fingers anymore. You are just growing up way too fast and amazing us with the things you remember (song lyrics, especially!)  You love the Mamma Mia and Pitch Perfect soundtrack, and definitely prefer "mommy songs" (female vocalists) over "daddy songs".

There are so many rules, I know. You probably feel a lot of pressure to behave, start having responsibilities, and to be kind to others. That last one is the most important. Always, always keep a kind heart and say nice things to people. It can be hard.

I know you hate getting in trouble. You yell right back when you know you did something wrong. Don't forget how much it can help to just go lay down and take a break from everything. It always helps me.

Never stop asking questions and learning about the world! I am so excited for you to find something in this world that really fascinates you. But don't forget, for every cool thing you learn about science or history, there are also moments to just play dress up and have a tea party with friends.

One day you will figure out how to take things that are yours. I want you to set goals and reach them.  To not let others bulldoze stand up for yourself.

 Everything in moderation, babe. 

Go experience life!  Of course some days are made for laying on the couch, but I can't wait to do everything with you in this big world. I hope you love to see musicals, travel to new cities, and go find new adventures in our own city as much as I do. This is our first "experience" gift to you, and we hope you love it in a few days!

We love you so much, sweetie. Your sweet songs, your desire to "do it yourself" and your "You're my best friend" comments melt us every day. Happy birthday, Larkyn!


Schneider 4.0 said...

Super cute. And lookout for Eli at the circus! His aunt is taking him!

Nana said...

Oh, that hair! Each photo is more darling than the last one! I love you more than life itself. Each time I am with you, I see changes~and all for the good. It is so exciting to see you grow. All my love to you on your 4th birthday! Nana

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