BIG BUGS at Franklin Park Conservatory

I will admit that part of this visit was therapy for my daughter, who hates bugs. Like...full-on panic mode if she sees anything resembling an insect. So, this trip could have gone either way. I braced for the worst but hoped for the best. We got a little of each.

Franklin Park is so easy to access from 71, and I think that stretch of Broad Street is getting to be so beautiful!  Parking was a cinch (veer to the left when you come to the Y in the driveway to "Main Entrance".

The Big Bugs art installation is running from May 16-September 27, and it is a must-see. The towering wooden bugs are fun to run underneath and to get frightened little 4 year olds used to the idea that bugs aren't all that bad.

And the bonus today was seeing the "Bug Man" Mark Berman with all of his crazy bugs. He was pretty entertaining and funny, answering questions while cracking a joke. I know I have seen him at birthday parties, the library, and at a preschool. How fun would that be at a birthday party!?

I considered the above scene a win because her little tiptoes mean she wanted to see the bugs!

We went to Blooms and Butterflies last Fall, at the very end of butterfly season. Seeing them in the Spring is quite a different experience. There is a dedicated "Emergence Room" where hundreds of chrysalises and cocoons are hanging and brand new butterflies and moths are emerging all the time. This man was pinning chrysalises and cocoons for a display.

I loved how all of this was at eye-level for the kids to interact with the animals!

Inside the Pacific Island Water Garden (the room to your left when you enter), there are butterflies everywhere.

Things were going well, then we had a little anxiety/meltdown when we saw another child fearful of the butterflies, so we had to come out for a breather. After a snack and a pep-talk from my friend (you rock, Mara!), we were able to go back on with bells on. If your child is afraid of bugs or flying things, just be ready with a reward for making it all the way through without crying.

The fish pond is always a hit, and a good place to stop and rest for a minute. There is a stroller path, by the way.

Outside, there is a gorgeous bonsai garden, guarded by a giant daddy long-legs. But really, we were just interested in the pebbles.
Overall, there are 10 big bugs, and we will need to go back to find the rest. For us, this will be a 2 day trip to see it all. But guess what?  With a teacher discount, a pass is only $40 ($55 for non-teachers). Children under 2 are free, so we will ride that train for another year!  PS- that gets me a discount at Oakland Nursery, BOGO at COSI and the Museum of Art (among others).  And best of all? 10% off at the gift store (which has amaaaazing gifts) and the cafe.

Let's talk food, shall we?  I planned to take the kids someplace in Bexley for lunch, but we just didn't have time before naps. So, we ordered from the cafe and ate in the Atrium. Loved it!  The menu was fresher and more inventive than I expected, and the selection was enough for both the kids and I to enjoy. I picked the chicken salad croissant, which was unique from any I'd had before. The salad was studded with golden raisins and carrots and the mayo seemed to be mixed with pesto. The kids split a generous portion of PB&J that was accompanied by crunchy grapes and a pickle (that their mom stole). On a whim, I got the hummus because I was dazzled by the colorful vegetables on the plate. I wasn't crazy about the actual hummus, but I am by no means a hummus connoisseur. It was lemony with a little kick to it, so if you like that, be ready for a gigantic portion of it!

I would definitely eat at the cafe again when we are in a time crunch. Because Bexley is so unfamiliar to me, I am also excited to pair our future visits with nearby restaurants. Now that we have our membership, we are free to do that as much as we want.

Another awesome visit to FPC in the books...

Patio time at Piada

My girl had a rough day today. Like, woke up in tears and cried approximately 17 more times throughout the day. It was time for an intervention: dinner with mommy.

A few weeks ago, the kind people at Piada gave us the opportunity to sample some meals, so we redeemed those entree cards tonight. It was an absolutely gorgeous night tonight, and the Worthington location (on the exterior of Worthington Mall) has an impressive, shaded patio. The mall has really brought their A-game with landscaping, which makes this location particularly enjoyable outside.  There is also a ton of parking because it is at the mall. 
Now that I have kids, I love the restaurant concept of walking up, ordering, and taking it back to your table. The kids like peering into the ingredients behind glass (which leads to some pretty good conversations about ingredients we might try), and the line moves pretty quickly. 
Larkyn and Rhys and I usually share a pasta bowl with crispy chicken (but soon I will have to start ordering them their own kids' meals--the crispy chicken is SO GOOD).  Matt ordered a side salad, which they toss with dressing in front of you, and a Piada stick. I immediately wanted his food too, but resisted.
I am always floored by the amount of food that the kids eat at Piada. I think the sauces we typically get (pomodoro and alfredo mix) are mild and the noodles are very easy to eat. Hey, they might even accidentally eat a vegetable!  I actually missed that they even had a kids' menu in the store, but see a nice selection for them on the website.

They have traditional fountain drinks (I mix lemonade and iced tea) as well as Italian sodas, bellinis and Peronis at some (very lucky) locations. The kids love the Parmagiano Piada sticks, but we have also tried the garlic dough (filled with cheese) which we don't like quite as much. It's hard to top the Piada stick. And don't worry, there are a few dessert choices too: Cannoli chips (like a deconstructed cannoli) and gelato at some locations.

We love the convenience of Piada and especially the ambience of the beautiful Worthington location. If you want a quick, inexpensive patio dinner with the kids, find it at Piada Worthington.

7227 High St, Worthington, OH 43085
highchairs and changing tables are available

Love it

Pairing restaurants with activities for the summer. The newest pairing I can’t wait to try will be Hungry Soul CafĂ© with the Topiary Garden or Museum of Art.

These shortbread cookies from Pistacia Vera  My Mother in Law loves them and the kids weren't into the macarons (their loss), so we got a few bags of these. Buttery, sugar-topped, melt in your mouth, adorably-packaged? Get some. Now. 

Knotted headbands. I am going to pretend that I am just interested in getting them for Larkyn, but really, I secretly covet them for myself. She is outgrowing her bows and I think these are just too cute not to try. Anyone have a hair accessory store they love?

Getting back into movie-watching. Since our basement looks like THIS (the entire perimeter that we JUST finished in November),

our cable and internet have been hit and miss. So, we are back in our movie groove again, starting with The Voices (100% wacked out but I couldn’t stop watching it) and Whiplash (JK Simmons- you are a crazy man outside of your Farmers commercials!) Seen any good ones lately?

The Skip the Dishes App. Whaaaat! You can find nearby restaurants, view their menu from the site (online menus are a pain, right!?), and ORDER. You can have it delivered for 2.99 or have it ready to pick up. Not rocket science, but it condenses all the steps of ordering carryout into one streamlined app. I know Matt is heartbroken at the thought of me never cooking again.

Houston, we MAY have solved the problem. Last week, I discussed the sudden monster fear and our awful bedtime struggle that popped up out of nowhere. I made a reward chart, which worked for a few days. And then I brought in the reinforcements: speaker and mp3 player. I actually had no idea how to play music out loud without an iPhone, so this took some research. Now instead of screams, we hear Elsa, Anna, and Taylor!

614 Fest: This looks fun!  But, seriously? Could anything else be scheduled for 6/6? Check out my Summer List to see all the craziness of that day.

Lunch at Dewey's Pizza

After our train adventure, we decided to eat at Dewey's in Old Worthington. Because it was right at the end of the Farmer's Market, parking was a little tricky. But during most hours, I have seen ample parking at their lot in the back or across the street by Graeters.

We went around noon with our friend Mo and her 2 year old. So, 2 moms and 3 wild and crazy kids!  There server was friendly, but his eyes got huge a few times (in other words, we kept him on his toes). The kids were in rare form; one choked on pizza cheese and another stuck his whole arm in a glass of water. There are 5 zillion things on the tables that little hands can swipe off, so it helps to just get all that out of the way.  If you ask to sit close to the windows, there is a lot to look at on High street.

The kids were comfortable in their boosters and high chairs, but getting restless while we waited for the food. But alas--there is an observation window to watch the guys make the pizzas! I took the two olders to go watch the pizza-making, which was a total hit. He knew we were watching, so the pizza man made quite the show. I think the kids actually screamed when he twirled it over his head (or maybe that was me?) Before we knew it, we saw our pizzas coming out and it was time to dig in.

Mo and I got a House salad to split (SO good-- pine nuts, cranberries, goat cheese and their house balsamic) and a Hawaiian pizza (pineapple with gigantic pieces of ham) also to split. We got the kids one cheese pizza to share, which was really REALLY cheesy.

Everyone was happy with their food and wrapping up the bill could not come fast enough (just one of those days, you know?)  A tip on dining with your tired or wound-up kiddos: ask for the bill and pay as soon as your food gets to the table.

The convenient location, bright atmosphere and observation are the highlights (and of course the pizza) of Dewey's Worthington. We will be back!

The BIG Cbus Kids Summer List

I am bringing together activities I loved as a Columbus child, combined with events we have never tried and hope that it is useful to you as you plan for a fun-filled summer with your kids!

Art with Anna, Gahanna
We have not been here yet, but it looks so unique and peaceful. I would love try it for some mommy-daughter reward time.

Berry picking at Hann Farms or Jacquemin Farms, Obetz and Plain City

We've been to and loved both for strawberry picking. This is a fun activity even for my one year old.

Book to Film Movie series, Gateway Film Center

Family-friendly movies are played every weekend this summer and are FREE with your Columbus Library cards. Some of our favorite books like Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, Fantastic Mr. Fox, and Paddington will be shown. What an awesome idea!

I took Larkyn here when she was 13-15 months old. Their mommy and me class was a nice break from the 100 degree weather and was a safe place for her to bounce off the walls.

Columbus Zoo, Powell
Yes, we are regulars, but new this year: so many new babies! We have also never seen the stingrays, cheetah run, or on the Asia Quest boat ride.

If it is time to move your activities inside for a night, try a performance of the Box Show, Beauty and the Beast, Seussical Jr. or Grease!

Columbus Clippers games, Arena District
When I think of Clippers games, I remember good old Cooper Stadium and loving Cracker Jacks. I am thankful to have a gorgeous new ball field and can't wait to take my kids for their first Dime-a-Dog night. 

My students (age 5/6) always enjoy this field trip, but I'd rather take my family on a Free Sunday just in case it is not their cup of tea. The Wonder Room in the basement is awesome and geared toward kids.

Make sure to sign your kids up for the Summer Reading program at any branch. It is always fun to be rewarded and it is hard for kids to stay motivated readers over the summer. Did you know children typically fall 3 reading levels over those 3 months off?  Keep up your nightly story time:)  The events calendar is jam-packed with fun workshops and story times at all branches.

Commons for Kids, Downtown
We went two summers ago and I would definitely go again. There is story time by CML, snacks (and Jenis!), a few kid-friendly vendors, the carousel, and neat building toys on the lawn. Get there early to park in the garage to the south.

COSI Big Machines and Farm Days, Downtown
COSI is always fun, but these two exhibits only last a few days and are NOT to be missed!  If your little one loves "diggers", be ready with your camera.

Concerts on the Green, Old Worthington
Every Sunday at 7 pm, join families on the Worthington Green for free concerts. Make sure to walk to Graeters or Dairy Queen too.

Cover to Cover Bookstore, Clintonville

Anyone seen You've got mail?  This is how the neighborhood bookstore has always felt to me. Get lost in a quality selection of books and ask for suggestions!  Sally can point you in the exact direction for any child's interests. Join them for story time on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

I think this sounds like a great mix of activities: close encounters with wild animals, get some ice cream at Jeni's, and do some shopping. Done.

Both of my kids loved the Blooms and Butterflies last fall, and I am anxious to get some more great pictures this summer. Check the calendar for fun activities to go along with the Big Bugs exhibit.

Farmers MarketsWorthingtonClintonvilleDublin
Of course we are partial to our neighborhood market in Worthington, but we also love the Clintonville one and the Dublin market has a convenient set-up outside of Oakland Nursery on 161.

Fishing in Dublin 

The city of Dublin stocks their 60+ ponds with bluegill, catfish, and bass and encourage family fishing. Some of their spots even have brand new fishing docks.

I grew up going down into these falls when they were 100% unsafe and unknown. Thank goodness the city has made them accessible and safe for everyone to go see. They are beautiful!

Harbor Yoga Kids workshops (first Sunday of every month from 2-3 pm)

My friends at Harbor have told me about this class for Larkyn, but it is during her nap time and NO ONE wants to interrupt that. But, please try it out for us! The instructors are totally kid-friendly and you'll want to take a class yourself.

Highbanks Metropark, Lewis Center
Highbanks has it all! Be sure to check their calendar for fun events like campfire singalongs, fishing programs, hikes into the creek and close to the river. Bring a picnic to enjoy at the Big Meadows picnic area.

This is the only pool we really go to because Larkyn is so comfortable with the zero-entry pool. Inside of going in on a ladder, the kids just wade in like it is a beach. Toddler swim time is fabulous, when you can rest assured that your little ones won't get bulldozed by the older kids. Bonus: There is tons of shade!

Another childhood favorite that is much safer these days. There is quite the drop-off, so this one might make you nervous if your kids are smaller or tend to stray. With older kids, get yourselves to the bottom and you are rewarded with a beautiful waterfall. Bring Jason's Deli for a little picnic at the shelter. You can park at the Dublin library and follow signage behind the library to the falls.

Inniswood Metro Gardens, Westerville 
If you are looking for a beautiful backdrop for family pictures, this is it. The kids will love walking around the gardens and water features and playing in the childrens garden. Check the calendar for Childrens Garden Day programs.

Lollipops! Concerts for kids, Powell

Get ready for a picnic, music and a visit to the splash pad when all the fun is over.  These special concerts are held June 8, July 13, August 3rd at 10:30 AM.

This is at the Lane Road location and is a blast! The staff and young volunteers plan several art stations (paint, clay, crazy bubbles, etc) and the kids have a free for all with art. Unless you get there very early, plan to park on Lane Road and walk across to the library. Save time to go see their downstairs childrens area (my childhood fave!)

Popcorn pops , Downtown
I have never been, but it looks fun! from the site: "Children will enjoy free popcorn and free pre-concert activities including face painting, art projects, playing with musical instruments, and the Columbus Commons Family Fun Zone with inflatables and open play activities."

Marcy's Clayground, Powell

Feeling artsy and need some air conditioning?  Paint your own pottery gifts or take a class together. Time to make that Pinterest project you've had pinned for 3 years and give it on Fathers Day!

Millstone Creek Park, Westerville

When asked "Where is your favorite place in Westerville to take your kids?" this was the winner. Just take a look at the photos-- it is huge! We hope to give it a try this summer. 

Ohio Railway Museum, Worthington
This was a hit with my 4 year old. Not so much for the one year old, so we will leave him with Nana next time. Stop by on Sunday afternoons to go back in time on real electric trains right into Colonial Hills. Your little train enthusiast will love it!

For kids who don't love swimming (mine), this looks awesome. I walked past it to go to a recent dinner and noticed lots of shade structures, which is a must for me. And a stop to Pink Moon cupcakes afterwards is of course acceptable.

Play Cafes
There comes a time around mid-July when it is time to take a break from the heat. Stop in one of our favorite play cafes for some fun and snacks.
FireflyLattes and LollipopsLittle SkippersLittle Green House 

Recreations Outlet, Powell

More indoor fun!  Try out all the playground equipment and even have birthday parties here.

Schiller Park,  German Village
This may be my favorite park in the city. There is so much to see! The fountain, ducks in the pond, going over the bridge, seeing the statues, and ending up on the huge playground. Check out Brown Bag deli for your picnic lunch and of course, Jeni's for your dessert. Both are a short walk north of the park.

Although parking can be an adventure in itself, it is fun to walk down to see the Santa Maria and then all the way back south to play in the fountains or have a bite to eat at Milestone 229 (their mac and cheese amaaaazing). Take a look at the fun kid events scheduled every Wednesday.

Scioto Audubon, Brewery District
This may be #1 on my list of places to try this summer. I find it incredible that they transformed the city's eyesore into a gorgeous sanctuary. It looks like there are several preschool age activities planned for the summer.  They have story time almost every day at 10:00 (check the schedule).

Slate Run Historical Farm, Canal Winchester
Another childhood and field trip favorite of Columbus kids, this farm recreates history and puts you to work (if you want!) For your girls who are into American Girl dolls from this era, they could see history come to life in the farmhouse, field, barn, and then play on the playground.

We take 120 students here every fall and the children (and parents!) are amazed at how well the staff works with children in introducing them to nature. There are lots of summer programs, but you may explore the farm (responsibly) on your own. Hike the trails, go to the barn, check out the pond, and see farm animals. Keep in mind that it is a working farm, so we never know what animals may/may not be there.

Sundays at Scioto, Dublin
The old Leatherlips statue is still there, but this park has had so many improvements over the years that it is hard to recognize! Enjoy kid-friendly concerts on Sunday nights, but also go see the fishing dock and playground.

Topiary Park, Old Deaf School Downtown
Did you know this existed?  I did not until we took a field trip there. Amazing. Before you go, study of on George Seurat and introduce your kids to Sunday afternoon, which is the basis of the topiary garden. Awesome for picnicking, but no restaurants nearby, so pack your favorites. This is a great combo trip with the art museum or the downtown library!

Whetstone Park of Roses, Clintonville

You think it is pretty when the magnolias are in bloom....wait till you see the thousands of roses! Bring your camera to catch some pretty pictures of the blooms and your little ones running around. Reward them for being patient with your camera by taking them down the hill to the playground. Northstar Cafe, Jeni's and Jersey Mikes are nearby. Also, check out their summer concerts.

Upper Arlington playgrounds

Oh how we miss FancyburgReed Road and the Wickliffe Elementary playground were also neighborhood favorites for little ones. UA has so many awesome playgrounds geared toward young children and perfect for picnics

4th Fridays Uptown Westerville

I remember these festivals from college, and I loved going into the the local stores (Schneiders Bakery!) to find treasures. Now, they are sponsored by St. Anns and have a different theme each month.

Special Events

The Turtle Lady was actually our neighbor growing up, so I cannot wait to take the kids to see her next weekend!  Pair this with the Big Bugs exhibit and you've started your summer off with a bang! Or buzz.

Ohio Village Storybook Village 6/6
Ohio Village will team up with Columbus Libraries to bring the kids' favorite books to life. Pete the Cat, Cinderella, and many others will be there. It is the 150th anniversary of Alice in Wonderland, so there will be special emphasis on miss Alice!

Summer in the 614 6/6
Gather on the Village Green in Worthington for music, food (Natalie's pizza, Schmidt's sausage truck, a mobile cupcakery), and many, many others. I didn't know there was a Blue Jackets street hockey team, but they will be there too. The list of participants is huge!

Columbus Arts Festival, 6/12-6/14
This event is HUGE and I remember really enjoying it as an older child. Prepare for lots of walking, people watching, and buying some unique pieces of art. There are several kid-friendly activities, like a children's gallery and a Hands-On area every day from 11-6:00.

Creekside Blues and Jazz Festival 6/19-21
Gahanna's Creekside will transform into one big party, complete with rides, food tastings by some top-notch restaurants and breweries, and a Family Fun Zone. Don't forget to enter my giveaway to win 4 weekend wristbands (and kids are free!)

Westerville Safety Fest 6/26
This is one of the 4th Fridays in Uptown Westerville, bringing in emergency vehicles and providing safety activities and lessons for the kids.

Do I need to elaborate? A family favorite forEVER! Our favorite viewing spot? Watermark Drive in Grandview:)

Can I be honest? Great. I'd rather watch RWB on TV and go to the Dublin fireworks. Their show is just as a amazing, you can view it from all over the Coffman road area, and if you want to join in, there are family-friendly activities all day long at Coffman high school. And, John Fogerty is playing that night for all you CCR fans out there.

You may just want to spend the whole day at the Westerville Library that day! I am totally impressed with their calendar. On this day, there is also Super hero dance party, toddler art time, and preschool story time. Whoa.

I grew up showing my 4H horses there during the summer, so the FCF has a special place in my heart. If you aren't ready to take the kids to the Ohio State Fair, take the drive to Hillard to try the smaller version. Watch the horse shows, ride rides, and play games. Oh, and eat ALL THE FAIR FOOD.

Pirates and Pancakes Breakfast at Columbus Zoo  7/25
This summer, the zoo has been taken over by pirates!  Join them for breakfast on Saturday morning and then go see them on the boat ride through Asia Quest. 

Ohio State Fair 7/29-8-9
This is the big one. I am not brave enough to try it with the kids yet, but we will get there. Pack a million cans of sunscreen, be ready for whining, and let the fun begin! Oh, and if you are all about that bass, check out Meagan Trainor in concert.

Dublin residents are pretty proud of this event. I am not Irish (Oktoberfest for me!) but this event is a pretty big deal. There are tons of kids activities and entertainment, and if you like good music, people seem to go nuts when the Irish rock bands play. Parking is a total nightmare, so be ready to walk or have dad ready to drop everyone, park, and come meet you inside.

Movie in the Park (UA), 7/31, 8/14, 8/28
Enjoy laying out on blankets with snacks and family as you watch family favorites on the 24 foot big screen.

Hilliard Touch & Stuff a Truck, 8/8
If your kids love touch-a-truck events (with semi trucks and police cruisers too!), check this one out at Homestead Park (a GREAT playground) and bring canned food to stuff the truck.

We drove through Marysville on our way to Michigan a few summers ago and I almost jumped out of the car when I saw the balloons floating over the farm fields. Looks like there will be helicopter rides (what!), balloon rides, food, and Miss Blue herself, LeAnn Rimes.

What more is there to say?  The food truck scene is killer right now, and they will ALL be there. In one place. Along with tattoo trucks (would it be bad to get "I heart Oreo Churros" on my ankle?) and local crafters. I can't wait!

Prairie Oaks Wag Fest 8/22
If your kids love dogs, go check out the performing dogs (jumping off a dock--every dog's dream, right?), learn training tips, and bring your own dog to have fun on the trails and in the water. 

Ballet Met at the Scioto Mile 8/28
Ballet is beautiful, but not the most affordable entertainment. Take your little ballerinas to watch the free performance at the park to end your summer.

I will be adding to this list all summer long. Please let me know if you run across something you loved doing with your kids!  Enjoy...

Strawberry picking at Hann Farm

My kids can kind of go either way on strawberries (or any food that isn't cheese or sugar-filled), but picking them is lots of fun for everyone!

Last year, we went to Jacquemin Farms, which was great. This year, I wanted to try someplace new. Hann U-Pick farm opened a week earlier than the other farms, so the decision was easy. Coming from Old Worthington, it was a simple drive down 71 to 270 to 23. Then take Rathmell road to Lockbourne road. 

When you see the farm, pull in the first driveway to the market building to get your buckets. Or, bring your own baskets and buckets. Picking the berries in the field is free, you just pay 1.89/pound when you are all done.

We parked easily and met our friends. Very few people were there, so we headed to a row that looked uninhabited and began our picking!  The staff had just laid fresh straw, so it was nice and clean for sitting (or rolling...OR eating). We were able to find lots of big red berries. Some didn't make it in the bucket. 

Us adults probably could have picked for much longer, but the attention span of our little crew started dwindling after about 20 minutes. We got our buckets together and drove back to the market building to pay. THEY DO NOT ACCEPT CREDIT/DEBIT!  Thank goodness I travel with responsible friends who bring cash. 

We will definitely make Hann's opening weekend a yearly tradition. And what will we do with all these berries?  Here are a few of our favorite strawberry treats...

And take a look at this collection of strawberry recipes. I'm going to need lots of Cool Whip.

Matt the Miller's Brunch

I had been to MTM a few times before; as a large group for my birthday and with a friend for brunch more than once. I was always impressed with their brunch quality and the price, so when it came to Mothers Day, I decided this would be a good place to try brunching with the whole family. The menu would have enough variety for age 4-89!

I made reservations about a month in advance so we wouldn't be closed out on the special occasion. Each time I go (to the Grandview location), it looks like making reservations is probably a safer bet than just showing up. 

Our booth was ready and waiting for us with a sweet little booster seat by the window. They have boosters, highchairs, and the hybrid-type booster seat that straps the kids in like a highchair. The bathrooms are large and clean, and have changing tables. 

Lets talk about food!  Normally, the Sunday brunch costs:
16.95 for adults
7.95 ages 6-10
5.95 ages 3-5
FREE for 2 and under
*ask for current pricing in case it changes or is on a holiday

Our courteous server set us up with mimosas, iced teas, and a big lidded cup with white milk. You can guess who had what. We were able to leave promptly to get start the buffet. Hot entrees included eggs, breakfast meats (hello pineapple ham!), eggs Benedict, some chicken and pasta items, vegetables, and amazing cheesy potatoes.  I don't pay too much attention to that area, because at the bar?  Oh, at the bar are the waffle toppings (with the best whipped cream ever!), the omelet station, and the carving station. Look around for fresh fruit before you decide on toppings, because the fruit is in a different area, and fresh berries/whipped cream/waffles = my dream breakfast. The omelets are consistently awesome.  There are also MTM famous crispy flatbreads and a crazy Bloody Mary set-up, which would excite me if I liked tomato juice. 

 Sorry for the poor phone pictures--I try to be a little covert. The signs say Tater tots, chicken fingers, Mac & cheese

The kids' buffet was adorable. The table is lowered and kid favorites like tater tots and chicken fingers, and applesauce are offered. This is also where the waffles are located, just in case you panic when you don't see them. 

Larkyn is a cinnamon roll aficionado, so she was definitely looking for those. We happened to mention it to our server and he brought a warm one to the table for her (they do not keep them out on the buffet to prevent them from hardening). She was so overwhelmed with choices that in the end, she didn't really eat much of anything except eggs. She sure enjoyed looking out the window, the experience of a buffet, and just feeling fancy for the morning, though. 

Our whole table enjoyed the food and the service, and especially the selection of a buffet. Who doesn't like going back for more?  If you have a special event on a Sunday and it includes children, consider Matt the Millers in Grandview. With Rhys' baptism coming up this summer, it is definitely in the running for us!

1400 Grandview Avenue
Columbus, Ohio 43212 
(614) 754-1026 
We have always been able to park right across the street in the post office lot, but it looks like there are restrictions based on day/time. There are other public lots, street meters, and a lots to the north along Grandview Ave.

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