Being a Mother

...letting the pictures where you look your absolute worst and have been through the wringer become your most treasured photos in your entire library

...accepting that you no longer have your own food. Every snack becomes theirs, one bite at a time until "your" snack is gone.

...knowing that every weekend will be filled with their adventures, not yours, and that it is your privilege to show them the world

...picking up little things for them every time you go to Target. The Dollar Spot is my weakness for little treasures that will be forgotten in an hour. But I live for her surprised face when she realizes I brought something home for her!

...feeling like you won an Olympic gold medal when you successfully make it through a restaurant meal with them. The server probably feels the same way.

...holding your breath every time they try something a little "on the edge", like walking on that cool brick wall just like the big kids
...finally realizing how much your mother sacrificed for you

...practicing patience to its EXTREME between 5-7 pm, when the world is 156 times more chaotic than any other time of day

...forgetting about the lost sleep when he snuggles into your shoulder because he can't fall back asleep.
...balancing, well everything. Are you showing each one enough love? Are you enriching them as well as giving them down time to relax?

...committing to memory these words: "Mommy, you're my best friend"

I think this was my favorite Mothers Day yet. I woke up to some of my favorite things: Ferraros, brownie mix to make after I demolish the Ferraros, a Dustbuster (because I complain about lugging the Dyson up the stairs), and a Target gift card. Then a delicious brunch at Matt The Millers with Larkyn and my parents while Matt and Grandpa had Rhys time. And finally, pedicures with my good friend Mo and a solo Target trip (the holy grail!). 

I was on a walk with the kids in the cemetery (if you're new here, that's where we walk. It's quiet, peaceful, and lovely!) and my heart actually hurt watching several people there today. Usually no one is there, but today, we saw 7-8 families planting flowers or bringing wreaths to their moms. Ugh. My heart breaks for anyone who has lost their mother, and I can't imagine life without mine!

Happy Mothers Day!

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Nana said...

Speechless; ILU Stacie. Thanks for the beautiful brunch!

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