Little Kidspace at COSI

If you are from Columbus, you have to remember the amazing old building on Broad Street that used to hold COSI. It was spooky, dark, full of awesome little spaces (except the coal mine--why did they think THAT was fun?! Vivid memories of screaming the entire way down the mine shaft with my classmates). But I digress..

Anyway, COSI is now across the river and I am still trying really hard to embrace it. I loved that old building and need to let it go, I know. When we get the chance to tag along with friends who are members, we really enjoy our time at Little Kidspace (on Floor 2)

Staffers carefully check in each member of your party and give a corresponding tag to make sure all children are kept with the correct adult. Little Kidspace is for children under second grade, but I would say most children I usually see are younger than that. Second graders have places to be, like sticking their hand on the static ball. So, you don't have to worry about your babies getting run over by big kids, which is an issue I encounter a lot

Once inside, park your stroller and let them loose!  The displays seem to change each year, which I like. This time around, the climbing wall and vehicles were new to us, as well as the shadow art room. There are several dramatic play areas, like a barn, house, doctor's office, and train table. There is also a large playground type structure with slides and tunnels.And Rhys just likes the plastic balls that are everywhere.

 On one end of the giant room is the water play area. Bring extra clothes! They have smocks there, but not always enough if it is crowded, and if your child is like mine, they'll definitely still end up wet. And making everyone else's kids wet. Sorry.

I always enjoy the peaceful art room, which is near the water area. There is a staff member in there with various art materials, who facilitates art activities (not crafts, more open-ended exploration). This time, there was paint, clay (which Rhys continually tried to eat), branches, and magnetic bottles.

At the end of our time (we usually do about an hour and a half), we take our packed lunches to the small cafeteria area on the opposite side from the water area. At 11:30, we don't usually run into crowds in there, but people were definitely waiting for our table. The tables are nice and small for the kids, there is a sink to wash hands, and several high chairs. 

We always stop to see a few of the exhibits on the way out (the crazy ceiling unicycle riders, the hypnotizing pendulum that I just want to HIT A PIN for once in my life), and then our fun little morning was a wrap.  Thanks for extending your pass to us, Mo and Declan!

Julie's daughter Eva...I could fill this post with adorable pictures of her smiling at the camera. Doll!

If your kids are babies-preschool age, COSI Little Kidspace is perfect for a blazing hot or rainy day this summer. I love that they can have their freedom to explore and feel independent in a safe place. 

The details:
333 West Broad Street
Columbus Ohio 43215

Parking is close and is $5 IF you take your ticket in to be validated. Otherwise, it is $8. There are numerous kinds of memberships and tickets, so check the link for current pricing.  Also, I just noticed that there is a Teacher Family pass, which is a discounted rate. Nice!

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