Love it

There are so many little things running around in my brain right now that I have to share!

This iced coffee I spent WAY too much on, but can't stop thinking about for the rest of the day. In the summer, I'll probably make my own concentrate, but for now, this is juuuuust fine.

Breakfast delivered to my home (am I dreaming?)

THIS returning to TV (Hello 1991, I'm back with my scrunchie and leggings! I really am.)

These Mothers Day shoes (The price?! I never get that lucky! And NOW I see coral and mint?!)

These birthday pants (never taking them off)

Larkyn's first love. Uncle "Leelon" is back in town and she is smitten. We will be sad to see him go off again to CA, but perhaps an Orange County vacation is in our future??

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Schneider 4.0 said...

I love the idea of delivered breakfast but I don't understand their pricing. It came out to be $73 and change a month for a 3 month membership. For breakfast. I will bring you breakfast once a month for $50. :) HA!

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