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Pairing restaurants with activities for the summer. The newest pairing I can’t wait to try will be Hungry Soul Café with the Topiary Garden or Museum of Art.

These shortbread cookies from Pistacia Vera  My Mother in Law loves them and the kids weren't into the macarons (their loss), so we got a few bags of these. Buttery, sugar-topped, melt in your mouth, adorably-packaged? Get some. Now. 

Knotted headbands. I am going to pretend that I am just interested in getting them for Larkyn, but really, I secretly covet them for myself. She is outgrowing her bows and I think these are just too cute not to try. Anyone have a hair accessory store they love?

Getting back into movie-watching. Since our basement looks like THIS (the entire perimeter that we JUST finished in November),

our cable and internet have been hit and miss. So, we are back in our movie groove again, starting with The Voices (100% wacked out but I couldn’t stop watching it) and Whiplash (JK Simmons- you are a crazy man outside of your Farmers commercials!) Seen any good ones lately?

The Skip the Dishes App. Whaaaat! You can find nearby restaurants, view their menu from the site (online menus are a pain, right!?), and ORDER. You can have it delivered for 2.99 or have it ready to pick up. Not rocket science, but it condenses all the steps of ordering carryout into one streamlined app. I know Matt is heartbroken at the thought of me never cooking again.

Houston, we MAY have solved the problem. Last week, I discussed the sudden monster fear and our awful bedtime struggle that popped up out of nowhere. I made a reward chart, which worked for a few days. And then I brought in the reinforcements: speaker and mp3 player. I actually had no idea how to play music out loud without an iPhone, so this took some research. Now instead of screams, we hear Elsa, Anna, and Taylor!

614 Fest: This looks fun!  But, seriously? Could anything else be scheduled for 6/6? Check out my Summer List to see all the craziness of that day.

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Bonnie said...

It's actually a Farmers Insurance commercial. 😊

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