Lunch at Dewey's Pizza

After our train adventure, we decided to eat at Dewey's in Old Worthington. Because it was right at the end of the Farmer's Market, parking was a little tricky. But during most hours, I have seen ample parking at their lot in the back or across the street by Graeters.

We went around noon with our friend Mo and her 2 year old. So, 2 moms and 3 wild and crazy kids!  There server was friendly, but his eyes got huge a few times (in other words, we kept him on his toes). The kids were in rare form; one choked on pizza cheese and another stuck his whole arm in a glass of water. There are 5 zillion things on the tables that little hands can swipe off, so it helps to just get all that out of the way.  If you ask to sit close to the windows, there is a lot to look at on High street.

The kids were comfortable in their boosters and high chairs, but getting restless while we waited for the food. But alas--there is an observation window to watch the guys make the pizzas! I took the two olders to go watch the pizza-making, which was a total hit. He knew we were watching, so the pizza man made quite the show. I think the kids actually screamed when he twirled it over his head (or maybe that was me?) Before we knew it, we saw our pizzas coming out and it was time to dig in.

Mo and I got a House salad to split (SO good-- pine nuts, cranberries, goat cheese and their house balsamic) and a Hawaiian pizza (pineapple with gigantic pieces of ham) also to split. We got the kids one cheese pizza to share, which was really REALLY cheesy.

Everyone was happy with their food and wrapping up the bill could not come fast enough (just one of those days, you know?)  A tip on dining with your tired or wound-up kiddos: ask for the bill and pay as soon as your food gets to the table.

The convenient location, bright atmosphere and observation are the highlights (and of course the pizza) of Dewey's Worthington. We will be back!

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