Matt the Miller's Brunch

I had been to MTM a few times before; as a large group for my birthday and with a friend for brunch more than once. I was always impressed with their brunch quality and the price, so when it came to Mothers Day, I decided this would be a good place to try brunching with the whole family. The menu would have enough variety for age 4-89!

I made reservations about a month in advance so we wouldn't be closed out on the special occasion. Each time I go (to the Grandview location), it looks like making reservations is probably a safer bet than just showing up. 

Our booth was ready and waiting for us with a sweet little booster seat by the window. They have boosters, highchairs, and the hybrid-type booster seat that straps the kids in like a highchair. The bathrooms are large and clean, and have changing tables. 

Lets talk about food!  Normally, the Sunday brunch costs:
16.95 for adults
7.95 ages 6-10
5.95 ages 3-5
FREE for 2 and under
*ask for current pricing in case it changes or is on a holiday

Our courteous server set us up with mimosas, iced teas, and a big lidded cup with white milk. You can guess who had what. We were able to leave promptly to get start the buffet. Hot entrees included eggs, breakfast meats (hello pineapple ham!), eggs Benedict, some chicken and pasta items, vegetables, and amazing cheesy potatoes.  I don't pay too much attention to that area, because at the bar?  Oh, at the bar are the waffle toppings (with the best whipped cream ever!), the omelet station, and the carving station. Look around for fresh fruit before you decide on toppings, because the fruit is in a different area, and fresh berries/whipped cream/waffles = my dream breakfast. The omelets are consistently awesome.  There are also MTM famous crispy flatbreads and a crazy Bloody Mary set-up, which would excite me if I liked tomato juice. 

 Sorry for the poor phone pictures--I try to be a little covert. The signs say Tater tots, chicken fingers, Mac & cheese

The kids' buffet was adorable. The table is lowered and kid favorites like tater tots and chicken fingers, and applesauce are offered. This is also where the waffles are located, just in case you panic when you don't see them. 

Larkyn is a cinnamon roll aficionado, so she was definitely looking for those. We happened to mention it to our server and he brought a warm one to the table for her (they do not keep them out on the buffet to prevent them from hardening). She was so overwhelmed with choices that in the end, she didn't really eat much of anything except eggs. She sure enjoyed looking out the window, the experience of a buffet, and just feeling fancy for the morning, though. 

Our whole table enjoyed the food and the service, and especially the selection of a buffet. Who doesn't like going back for more?  If you have a special event on a Sunday and it includes children, consider Matt the Millers in Grandview. With Rhys' baptism coming up this summer, it is definitely in the running for us!

1400 Grandview Avenue
Columbus, Ohio 43212 
(614) 754-1026 
We have always been able to park right across the street in the post office lot, but it looks like there are restrictions based on day/time. There are other public lots, street meters, and a lots to the north along Grandview Ave.

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