Ohio Railway Museum

I had no idea that the railway museum was so close to our house until last weekend. When I saw information about National Train Day and realized the museum is about a mile away, of course we had to go check it out.

We buddied up with Mo & Declan and did not know what to expect. Normally, the museum is only open on Sundays, but Saturday was an exception.

What you need to know right off the bat is that it is not stroller friendly at all. You should go, but you should not bring your stroller!  It is an actual working railroad, so the entire area is covered in gigantic gravel. Bring sturdy shoes for your walkers or a carrier to carry them.

Hours of Operation: Only Sundays 12 - 4pm 
(Closed Monday - Saturday)

Admission rates are as follows:

$8.00 - Adults
$7.00 - Seniors (65 and over) & Military (with ID)
$6.00 - Children age 4 and above
(under 3 were free)

When you walk into the building, there is a cute selection of train gifts, and then a museum room with old suitcases, train whistles, etc. Since she hates loud noises, Larkyn wouldn't go near the whistles. She was too excited to get through the door to the trains!

There are open trains on the tracks, waiting for you to climb aboard and look around. There are printed statistics of each train car on the inside and staffers all around to answer any questions. There are steep steps up to each train car, so this is not the best fit for someone who has trouble with steps.

Ready for a train ride? One train car will take you down the track, parallel to Proprieters road, into Colonial Hills. It was cool to go over 161. How many times have I gone under that bridge in my life, and now I am looking down on it?

The conductor was friendly and entertaining. Keep in mind that these are historic train cars, so you're not going to buckle yourself in or be safe running around on the floor. You'll have to hold squirmy babies, and Rhys was over that by the time we were headed back to the station. Larkyn and Declan (4 and 2) adored the ride and wanted to go again and again. The only reason we did not was that Rhys was having a fit.
 Note to self: when abandoning stroller during trek to train, take tickets with you to be officially punched. I was, as usual, that mom whose tickets are nowhere to be found.

The highlight for me was seeing the mail car, since my dad used to work the mail car for years. I grew up hearing stories about dad hooking the mail bag and sorting it into the million little boxes...knowing all the zip codes, traveling city to city on the rails...

We will be back, either when Rhys is older or without him as a special day with Larkyn and a friend or something. The conductor told me that they have Santa trains in the winter, which I am all over. I think the food truck was just there for the special event, but I did notice picnic tables if you bring your own lunch. There are plenty of restaurants you can hit before or after the museum in Old Worthington. Our experience at Dewey's Pizza is next on the list!

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