Our hangout: Firefly Play Cafe

We are so lucky to live close to Firefly Play Cafe. Before we moved to this part of town, I had taken Larkyn there once or twice, but now that it is so convenient, it is our go-to rainy day/freezing cold spot!  

If you haven't been to Firefly, it can be easy to miss that first time driving down High Street. If you are coming from the North, start looking on your left as soon as you go through the Morse road intersection. If you are coming from the South, start looking on your right for E. Royal Forest Blvd. after you see Mozart's Bakery. You can park in the Firefly lot (which is often full) or easily on Royal Forest or in the Mozart's lot. I have done all three. 

The room is huge, and my 50 mm couldn't capture it all!  There are plenty of photos on their website. Lots of seating at tables or conversational areas with sofas and chairs for moms to catch up with friends. 

There is a nice selection of well-priced snacks. We always go for Pirate Booty and milk, and I really need to try the coffee next time. Almost everyone seems to be walking round with tea, so it must be good! Also, we have had Donatos deliver there for dinner, which was incredibly convenient.

Admission is per child, $8 for ages 2 and up, $5 for 12-24 months and under 12 months is free.  I enjoy that my time is not limited by the hour. As of 5/16/15, their hours are:

Open until 8:00pm on the First Friday of each monthMonday.......9:00 AM – 5:00 PMTuesday......9:00 AM – 8:00 PMWed - Fri.....9:00 AM – 5:00 PMSaturday.....9:00 AM – 1:00 PM
(please always check the website before you go just in case!)

In the large, open room, there are several areas set up to facilitate active play, imaginary play, infant development, and fun!  Larceny's favorites are the bouncy house, slide, and the cool ride-on toys. Rhys loves the various balls all over, climbing in and out of the play structure, and the kitchen area. Both kids liked the giant balloons that were floating around today.

 Santa has thought about getting this horse for them for 4 years now, but we (ahem, Santa) keeps thinking "She's too old." or "He's too young." Now I think "We will just go to Firefly".
 He desperately wants to follow the big kids up the ladder. And he slow-motion-fell off the first step about 6 times (good thing there is ample padding and he is my non-drama kid)
 Oooh. I just noticed a popsicle freezer back there. Next time!
 A view from the seating area. Can you spot the baby?
 She has associated Firefly with Pirate Booty, so that was the obvious choice
 There are adorable items for sale at little shelves all over the room. Art, these tees (which we totally need), and tea mugs were a few I noticed

 The staff circulated the room often, reorganizing and picking up "mouthed" toys to sanitize. Also, how cute are those paintings?!  I'd love a fox!

 Last time we were here, Rhys was licking that window, so this is a step forward.

She and a few others strapped on some superhero capes and were off to save the world

Guests are expected to supervise their own children, which is not difficult to do. Staff members are friendly and will redirect and interact with the kids, but it is up to each mom to make sure that their child is being safe and courteous.

Check out their Facebook page to keep up to date on special events. We hope to make it out this summer to some of the activities. Maybe we will see you there!

Thanks for the fun, Firefly...

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