Ringling Brothers Circus

For Larkyn's fourth birthday, we decided to get her tickets to the circus. She loves all things dramatic, so the circus seemed appropriate. We bought our tickets through Ticketmaster.com and used a coupon code from Retailmenot.com, which saved us $15 total. Our tickets were the second cheapest seats, so I was worried that they would be really bad. They were awesome!  For reference, we sat in Section 105, row P. Perfection.

Parking was a breeze right in front of The Schottenstein Center, but we also arrived an hour early. What? Me, an hour early? Blashpemy. But when my punctual husband is the driver and there is an amazing pre-show, we managed it. I would totally recommend the pre-show. We got to see the animals in a gated area outside, and their handlers answered questions (like "why does that one have stars on his booty?" from my child).

Once in, we went straight to the floor, where we got to mingle with the performers. We saw lots of kids getting pulled out to participate, and avoided the giant bouncehouse that would surely lead to a meltdown before the show even began. We have a history with those things. There were fun giveaways, you could try on clown clothes, and it was one of our favorite parts for sure.

nothing to see here

I took approximately 47 photos in 10 seconds of this amazingness

Not our favorite part? The $14 snocone and $12 popcorn (and our diner of nachos and pretzels but those were delish). For the love of top hats, why?! Take it from us, stop for a nice early dinner somewhere around the circus or promise McDonalds as soon as you leave. We figured, "When in Rome"....buy a giant elephant cup with colored ice. You know.
$12 was worth it, right?

That was our only complaint. The show was fannnnntastic. Lakyn is obsessed with Ring Masters, and the Circus Xtreme Ring Master was no disappointment. There was a lot of build-up at the beginning and you could feel the kids in the arena getting so pumped up (or amped on cotton candy?)

Our favorite acts:
1. The elephants (I know, I know. Not PC, but they are going away soon and if they're already in the show, they can be my favorite. Sorry. They were adorable and impressive and just so circusy!)

2. The BMX/trampoline boys. Um-no idea how they bounced all over the place without killing each other, but they did. Annnnd I kind of want to do that in my backyard.

3. The tightrope craziness. Larkyn was too busy watching the death trap being set up next to it to care, but I was floored.

4. The guy on the GIGANTIC spinning gear of death (not my video, but you get the picture). He had a spotter, which I found amusing, because if he falls off, is this gentleman supposed to catch him? He almost did fall when he pulled out the jumprope and starting jumping on the spinning wheel of death, but he recovered. I still have not. I have no pictures because I couldn't handle the emotional roller coaster.

I know Larkyn would not have lasted through it a year ago. Four years old was the perfect first circus experience for us, and she actually did ask to go home twice. She was terrified of the Mongolian show and I think was getting a little sleepy during the glow in the dark acrobatic show. It was kind of hypnotizing.  An important note: it is LOUD. And she is a little sensitive to that, so it was a bit of an issue that we managed with a steady intake of popcorn and Dippin' Dots (totally the budget-friendly snack option!) I read that there is a quiet room for kids who may have some sensory overload.

We will go back for sure next time Ringling Brothers comes to town!

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