Second shot

Some days our adventures go down in flames.

On Sunday, I was excited to meet the kids' "Auntie Brenda" at Highbanks Metro Park, which is not too far away and is full of (what I thought to be) fun things to do. The babies loved going for a walk in their strollers, but the 4 year old? No thank you. This is her first season without a stroller is going to be an adjustment.

I won't go into the scene of the meltdown, but it ends with Larkyn Spiderman-ing the car door to keep me from getting her in (while shrieking) and me leaving my brand new camera at the park in all the commotion.

Tonight (TWO DAYS LATER), I realized it when I went to get it out of the diaper bag. Amazingly, when I called the park rangers, they had it and were very thorough to make sure I was indeed the owner. I wish I could thank whoever turned it in. I dedicate the following "Let's try Highbanks over again Celebratory nighttime shoot" to you...

She loves wish flowers

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