Spanking monsters and pointing fingers

Now that both of the kids are out of the "Monthly photo and update" age (insert sobbing mom here), every once in a while I feel like I need to record just how much they are changing every day. A day in the life of Larkyn and Rhys is going something like this...

Oh man, I cannot get enough of this little PB& J monster. He is constantly alternating between hiding objects in my rain boots, bolting up the stairs, or (new skill alert!) pointing to want he wants and barking a little order: "bah!" or "da!" 

If you ask him where his nose is, he will bop you in the face with whatever is in his hand at moment or an open hand. He's showing you where your nose is, in case you forgot. He would also eat an entire bunch of bananas with the peel on if you let him. 

He wants to be outside all the time. I think he is in agony when Matt goes outside to "lawn mower" (Larkyn's words, not mine) because a) his favorite person in the world is on the other side of the door and b) he can't go outside. Every time I dress him, I consider how much dirt he is going to get in the seat of whatever he's wearing, because his booty is always sitting in dirt or rocks if available.

The earth-shattering development in the last few weeks is that he is sleeping through the night for the first time since we moved (LAST JULY). The addition of the monkey to the binky, combined with a nightlight makes it so I don't have to go in 4+ times a night to search for the jettisoned pacifier from Hell. Let's not do the math to figure out how long it took me to figure out this recipe for sleep.
She literally just rubbed her hands together and said "Ahhhh, I'm ready to eat my ice cream!" Everything she loves in life is in this photo:  sweets, alone time with mommy, a pretty dress, and being outside. 

So, just as Rhys FINALLY started sleeping through the night, she began her bedtime shenanigans. Besides the crib to bed transition, she has been a dream (ha!) to put to bed for four years. 

Until about a week ago, when suddenly she is positive that there are monsters in her room, that she doesn't like her room, really any excuse that she doesn't have to go to bed but instead scream. For two nights, one method worked. I found said monsters, dragged them out of the room, and as requested, spanked them and sent them off. On night 3, that didn't work anymore. Ohhhhh, moms, please tell me how to handle night time fits!  Last night, she cried so hard that she barfed up her DQ sundae. By the way, sprinkles are not as pretty when they are barfed up. Just so you know. 

She will go to a Vacation Bible School for the first time this summer and I let her pick one activity to try. She picked ballet, so more news on that in July, when surely we will drop $100 on whatever is required for prancing around the room pretending to be a princess.

These two. I can't wait to spend the summer with them. They push my emotions to the brink--my heart can feel like it is going to explode one minute, and then the next "You're ruining my life" comes around. Soon, we will come up with a Summer List to share...

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Schneider 4.0 said...

Ha. Well, we have named our monster in the basement Norman. If they're not going to go down there, then we can at least have fun with it. So, who drank all the milk? NORRRRRMANNNNN!

I'm sure there's some book out there that goes against this practice. But let's face it, what parent is reading books? :)

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