Strawberry picking at Hann Farm

My kids can kind of go either way on strawberries (or any food that isn't cheese or sugar-filled), but picking them is lots of fun for everyone!

Last year, we went to Jacquemin Farms, which was great. This year, I wanted to try someplace new. Hann U-Pick farm opened a week earlier than the other farms, so the decision was easy. Coming from Old Worthington, it was a simple drive down 71 to 270 to 23. Then take Rathmell road to Lockbourne road. 

When you see the farm, pull in the first driveway to the market building to get your buckets. Or, bring your own baskets and buckets. Picking the berries in the field is free, you just pay 1.89/pound when you are all done.

We parked easily and met our friends. Very few people were there, so we headed to a row that looked uninhabited and began our picking!  The staff had just laid fresh straw, so it was nice and clean for sitting (or rolling...OR eating). We were able to find lots of big red berries. Some didn't make it in the bucket. 

Us adults probably could have picked for much longer, but the attention span of our little crew started dwindling after about 20 minutes. We got our buckets together and drove back to the market building to pay. THEY DO NOT ACCEPT CREDIT/DEBIT!  Thank goodness I travel with responsible friends who bring cash. 

We will definitely make Hann's opening weekend a yearly tradition. And what will we do with all these berries?  Here are a few of our favorite strawberry treats...

And take a look at this collection of strawberry recipes. I'm going to need lots of Cool Whip.

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Keith and Julie said...

Your trips to the local Strawberry Farms always inspire me. Planning on hitting up Circle S next week (since they don't pick until June).

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