Beignet fix at Early Bird

Six years ago, I went to New Orleans for a bachelorette party. One thing I clearly remember is how much I loved the beignets from Cafe Du Monde. Of couuuurrrrrse I bought a package of the mix to make as soon as I got home, which I never did. I digress.

I've never forgotten those crisp little pillows of fried dough sprinkled with powdered sugar (oh no, I need another...). Until I read about Early Bird food truck, the food truck for 4 and 20 Blackbird Bakeshop. Normally, the truck only serves beignets, filled beignets, and handpies.  But that, my friends, is all you need. They are ONE DOLLAR, so you can get as many as you want! I am not kidding when I say I am going back for a box of them next time.

Like all establishments we search for, I flew past it on Indianola, but easily turned around and parked behind the Church of Christ.  A quick walk around front, and there is the inviting little set up under that trees. They even have bubbles out for the kids while they wait for their food.

The team was so friendly on day one that Larkyn asked me if one could come home with us to play. She also immediately broke their wind chime and it was no big deal. If you have kiddos, put this on your list of food trucks to visit. Now, onto the food.

I won't lie--I tried one of everything. We got 2 regular beignets, one filled with cream, one sprinkled with cinnamon sugar, a strawberry nutella hand pie (I'll let you think about that for a moment), and a surprise ham and swiss hand pie. That last one was a recipe they are developing and I was lucky enough to get it. And, I would eat it every morning! The crust of the hand pies is perfect. Not greasy, not too heavy, and very attractive, actually. The original beignets were my favorite, and Rhys downed his as well. He did his trademark thigh-slap which means "MORE. NOW."

Of course these goodies were best warm out of the truck, but we brought the cinnamon sugar one home for Matt and it was still good hours later.

And let's talk coffee. I am serious about iced coffee. And I've mentioned it a few times this week (sorry?) but their One Line Coffee with milk and simple syrup was so refreshingly good that I was back for more 24 hours later.

One word of caution: don't eat them in the car. They have that cute little set-up for a reason. My car is covered in powdered sugar because we were in a hurry. Relax and enjoy yourself and your beignets, or take the kids up Indianola to Breevoort Park and open the bag there!

I am already planning our next trip to Early Bird. See you there!

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