Breakfast at Barnstormer

Living in a university city has a lot of bonuses; one being the Ohio State Airport on West Case road. I actually grew up very close by the Don Scott field and seeing the small planes brings back all kinds of summer memories. BUT...

Did you know there is a restaurant at the airport?  A pretty awesome one at that?

Turn into the main entrance of The Ohio State University Airport and follow the signs to The Barnstormer. It is now called Jack and Benny's Barnstormer Diner, affiliated with the other 2 Jack and Benny's locations in Columbus.

It is literally located in the airport...

There is a small patio, and as you can see, it was raining when we went, so I apologize for phone pictures.

 Completely kid-friendly. You can see the stack of high chairs, the quick arrival of a basket of crayons (which Rhys ate after this photo) and I noticed that the channel was changed on the TV when we arrived...

Yes!  My kiddo where I can see her, sitting nicely watching Sesame Street?  Perfect set-up.

And beside our table, the open door to the plane hangar. The kids really wanted to go in. Thank God for baby gates.

And of course, let's get to the food. Most of the menu is a la carte, with reasonable prices. We got the kids french toast sticks, a pancake (they are huge), and eggs. It was way too much food for these 2, but we boxed it up. I loved my chocolate chip pancake, eggs were scrambled dry as requested, and the hash browns were crispy with little grease. Matt liked his cheese and mushroom omelet as well.

But what unexpectedly stood out to me was the orange juice. Oh my goodness, was it GOOD. I noticed a sign on the door saying that they use a Zumex juicer. Whatever they used, it was worth it because it is a stand-out glass of juice!

 If the kids need a wiggle break or a bathroom break, head out the front doors and turn left into the airport door. The bathroom is around the corner. And up the stairs is the old control tower!

The kids loved being up this high and seeing the planes and Goodyear Blimp. We just missed a jet taking off, but we heard a school group chattering about how cool it was when they came down the stairs.  If you call to arrange it, the OSU staff will give your group or family a free tour. 

So who wants to meet up for breakfast and a tour next time??

The details:
Jack and Benny's Barnstormer Diner
2160 West Case Road
Columbus OH 43235

To call and arrange a tour with the OSU airport, check out their Facebook page or call 614 292-5580

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